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European Treaties (Referendum) Act 2007
The Rt. Hon Matthew O'Neill
Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal
Secretary of State for Education and Early Years
Labour MP
North Durham
David A. Robertson
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Deputy Leader for Conservatives|Shadow SOS - Home Dept
Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Maverick

The Ayes to the Right: 640
The Noes to the Left: 0

The Ayes have it, the Ayes have it.
Shorter debate this one, the PM introduced the bill saying that this was a fulfilment of a manifesto commitment and isn't it all nice that we're giving the British people a say. He pledges the referendum by the end of 2008 and outlines steps to provide an informed and informative national debate on the topic, lovely stuff. Mr Conway supports the Government position on the referendum whilst Sir James chimes in asking if the Government will... checks notes... honour the result? Who knows what that means but Mr Sweeney replies very simply with a yes to all questions posed. Ashbury rounds off the debate by pointing out that the only party consistently in favour of an EU ref is the Tories so really the country should be thanking them because Labour only bowed to their pressure before the 2005 election.

All in all it was a simple debate to mark and a very quick one. Labour won narrowly but the Ashbury lines probably cut through to the public more, but Labour made the bill. People are confused about who to credit, but they like that they'll get their say. XP to Ashbury and Sweeney.

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