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The Civil Service
Just a short note:

There was once a time when players routinely did their own research, submitted the figures and sources to an A-Team member for clearance, and then developed policies.

Starting from this round players will be expected to find out how much the new road being built between Kent and Oxford will cost, or how much a new railway will cost to build. The onus is on you, the player to find this information. If you are struggling then ask but you are expected to do your own research first.

Oh, and in the event you do your own research and we later find out you used a poor source or false information was added in, there will be a political scandal.

In summary, The A-Team will simulate civil servants, role play NPCs and other nations when needed, but please do not expect to be spoon-fed. That is not what we are here for. However, we will always be available to assist if you are struggling. So if you are unsure or need guidance, please ask.

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