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BBC Breaking News
BREAKING: Fresh news snippets shall be posted here
BREAKING: Members of the Independent Group for Change (or whatever they're calling themselves at the moment) vote for Edith Granger to be their leader
BREAKING: SNP MPs vote Gordon Reese, MP for Edinburgh East, to be their next Parliamentary leader following Angus Robertson's resignation
BREAKING: By-Elections confirmed for Peterborough and Brecon and Radnorshire following successful recall petitions.
Sir Graham Brady - Chairman of the 1922 Committee

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press I would like to thank you for gathering here today to hear the results of the first round of the Conservative Party leadership contest. I would like to thank the returning officers and my Parliamentary colleagues for their exemplary performances up to this point. Before we get to the result, a light bit of admin. The number of ballots cast in this election was 326, there were no spoiled or rejected ballots. I will now read the results in alphabetical order by surname

Croft, William. 172 votes
Lascelles, Robert. 23 votes
Saxon, Harold. 130 votes

I do therefore declare that Robert Lascelles has been eliminated from the competition and that William Croft and Harold Saxon shall advance to the ballot of the party membership
BREAKING (if a little late): Government agree No Deal deal with EU for the SIS II Security database
BREAKING (if a little late again): 2 Labour MPs defect to the Brexit Party. Gisella Stuart and John Mann.
BREAKING: Sam Gyimah and Dominic Grieve defect to CUK/TIG. The Tories have lost their absolute majority, but still have a working majority.
BREAKING: Mark Francois defects to the Brexit Party.
BREAKING: William Croft has removed the Whip of Robert Lascelles. More will soon come.

(Copied announcement from Discord: Hey everyone, it's been a crazy last 30 mins and your AVs are all cognizant of the fact that it's almost bed time for most of us! To keep you up to speed on the whip removal scenario currently in play, Croft has removed the Whip from Andy and the AVs have decided that this will include the full cadre of 23 backbenchers that Andy carries as well. Considering there will be no votes finishing in the Commons for the next 12 hours or so, we will not announce those names until tomorrow morning/afternoon when us three are awake and ready to make the final list. The list will go out at that time via Twitter or a BBC News article, but will be considered to have happened right after Andy's removal, considering his prominence and public image as the ringleader of these MPs. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!)

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