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Tory Leadership Press Cycle
Heading back to the Northeast, William stops in Hartlepool, speaking with members of the Conservative Party about his campaign and vision for Brexit. While there he gives a speech to an assembled crowed, talking primarily about Brexit and his plan to move the country forward. 

I know many of you here today are skeptical of our party's ability to do the job the people have tasked us with doing, and get Brexit done. There are millions of people across the country, including many Labour voters here in the Northeast who voted to Leave, who feel the exact same way. This feeling, this deep lack of confidence in Westminster and the political process, is why I believe it is so crucial that we get Brexit done on March 29 and restore people's faith in government. Anything but departed on the 29th is a failure; a failure to those who voted for Brexit, a failure of our democratic process, and a failure for us as Conservatives to do the job we promised the British people we would do. I don't believe this country can afford such a catastrophic failure, and I am proud to be the one candidate who has committed since day one of this campaign to end the dithering and delaying and get Brexit done. 

Now let me be clear: I will work day and night to make sure we leave with a deal. It is my intent and my expectation that we will leave with a deal, because I know Brussels wants one just as bad as we do. But if the Europeans refuse to give us a deal that allows for a true Brexit, then we will be forced to leave without one. Come what may, we will leave March 29. That means we must prepare for a no-deal, so that the EU know we are deadly serious about it. This is why I've proposed the creation of a No Deal Taskforce at the Cabinet level, that will meet daily, and will be backed by the full force of the British Government. The emergency Cabinet committee will have the power to determine what funds are needed, to run a massive public awareness campaign to alert individuals and businesses on what they need to know, and to ensure the departure process runs as smooth as possible. No expense will be spared, no detail left unchecked. We will be ready to take full advantage of our new freedom, on March 29, deal or no deal. 

Talk is cheap, and believe me when I say I know you are sick of all the talk you've been getting from us MPs. That's why from the outset of this campaign I've set aside the slogans, reframed from the meaningless jargon, and gave it to you straight. From the beginning, my simple promise has been this: if I have the honor of being your next Prime Minister, I will do the job you have sent me to Number 10 to do and get Brexit done on March 29. On that day Britain will finally be free to embrace the opportunities the global community has to offer, and to begin the process of writing the first chapters of our next Golden Era.

Croft Campaign Poster - National 

[Image: lixYfST.png]

Croft Campaign Poster - England 

[Image: KSr3U6t.png]
William Croft MP - Conservative Party 

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Minister for the Union
MP for North Dorset (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Pariah 
This is a trust election; it is a vote in which we decide in whom we place our trust with the country’s fortunes and, less importantly but still paramount to our members, the fortunes of the Conservative Party.

And with trust in politics at a critical low, with the Brexit process having juddered on for three years and the country more divided than ever, we Conservative members must decide who leads the country through the travails of this Brexit process and into the triumphs that await us beyond: an economy freed from the shackles of European dogma; free trade deals around the world with old allies and new; the freedom to make our own laws and set our own policies; and the freedom to welcome talented people from all over the world without giving preferential status to the predominantly white European migrant.

The man with vision, vigour and vim to do that, in my mind, is William Croft. And more than that: he is the man I can trust. I can trust him because not only does he talk the talk, as most politicians enamoured with the gift of the gab can do; he walks the walk as well. He will make good on our promise to bring Britain entire and whole and perfect out of the European Union on March 29th this year, with no more dither and delay. It is a promise by which we should all be judged, and to which we must all be held: he is the man that can do it, and I am, in this matter and all others, firmly behind him.
Henry Russell, Esq. MP
Member of Parliament for East Devon
Conservative Leadership Candidate Harold Saxon spoke to reporters, supporters and crowds today in Romford about the UK’s exit from the European Union under his leadership

It’s really great to be here today.

Romford voted overwhelmingly for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union in 2016. I am committed to ensuring we get the right Brexit deal that doesn’t leave us locked in to that EU prison. I am committed to ensuring that we also leave the European Union in a safe and responsible manner. I want this country to be ready for when the we leave the European Union, that’s businesses from major corporations to SMEs, from start-ups to sole traders. I want you to have all the information you need so this country can operate without any disruption to our way of life. I do not want to be in a situation where businesses are having to let employees go because their government didn’t put the correct procedures in place for a no deal Brexit. There are serious issues that need to be addressed. For example look at the fishing industry where we need to negotiate continuity agreements with countries like Norway and the Faroe Islands, otherwise UK vessels will be unable to fish in those waters after a no deal Brexit. That affects businesses and it affects people’s livelihoods. These negotiations take months, there just is not enough time to do it now before the end of March.

As much as I want to leave the corruption and the undemocratic officials behind and take back control as soon as possible, due to the failings of the current government we do not have the time to put safeguards and procedures in place if we cannot get a deal. We need a leader that can deliver a no strings attached Brexit and we need the time to be able to get the right plans into place. Only I can offer that.

I am the only candidate in this Conservative Leadership race that can guarantee that we will leave the European Union completely while ensuring we leave fully prepared with no strings attached, deal or no deal.

He later spoke to crowds in the town Centre:

In June last year, a tragedy occurred at the North Romford community Centre here in Romford

It was reported that a 15-year-old boy named Jordan Douherty went to a birthday party which quickly descended into violence. Jordan had suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. This is just one tragic story of many that occur around the country and here in London. Families are being torn apart every week by a loved one being stabbed and murdered.

Official figures show that the number of fatal stabbings last year were the highest since records began in 1946. That is unacceptable.

So I say no more. We have to take action to stop this from happening. I will come down hard on the scourge of knife crime if I do become this country’s next Prime Minister. 

I have already announced that 8,000 police officers will be recruited by next year, with recruitment starting immediately if I become Prime Minister. We do however have to do more. I can announce today that I will provide the police with the right powers so they can arrest anyone who is caught unlawfully with a knife will be arrested immediately, charged within 24 hours and appear in front of a magistrate within days if I become Prime Minister. I will also introduce a new court order to allow police to target known knife carriers. We have to take action now to stop this scourge of knife crime.
National Campaign Poster

[Image: Ti9p8ab.jpg]
For over a year, the British people have been crying out for certainty. For an end to the constant political bickering, the national division, and unending chaos that has plagued Britain. Fortunately, this leadership election provides us with a choice. The choice to move forward, to get Brexit done, and to embrace our future and move our country forward. This moment provides us with the opportunity to hope for more than what we have gotten, and to show the British people that Westminster is in fact no longer broken.

The choice before all members of the Conservative Party is clear: only William Croft will honor the 2016 referendum and get Brexit done on March 29. Will is the only candidate to commit to ensuring Britain leaves the EU, on time, come what may. He has heard the voices of the millions of British voters who feel fundamentally forgotten by the institutions of power, and is determined to fight for their future. In this time of great uncertainty, Will is the one candidate who is certain that Britain must leave the EU on March 29. He is the one candidate making the British people a guarantee they can count on, and that’s why he has my vote.
Daniel Brown
Conservative MP for Bosworth
Minister of State for Transport, Business, Energy, Housing & Industrial Strategy
Traits: Media Darling (+)/Campaigning Guru (+)/Finite Resources (-)
[Image: bQQv6Xp.jpg]

National Billboard 

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