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MS5: Government Brexit Preparations
Mr. Speaker,
My statement today will be somewhat brief, as circumstances have been changing amid ongoing negotiations.  I will leave addressing the overall content to the Prime Minister, but I am confident that we have a solid deal in place for leaving the European Union.

What I wish to assure bot the House and the Country of is that the government has been planning for both a "deal" scenario within a given range of possible outcomes as well as a "no deal" scenario, also within a range of outcomes.  To this end, we intend to have the following measures in place:

-We will provide a credit facility for businesses affected by short-term "hiccups" from any transition, to cover the costs of dealing with supply disruptions with limited or no origination costs or interest.  The main concern here is just-in-time operations with relatively thin margins and tight supply chains.  The objective here is to ensure that said companies can continue regular operations and will not suffer payroll disruptions.  The government has, to start with, set £4bn aside to help back up such a loan facility.

-We are going to reach out to major companies to see what needs to be done, in the context of our deal, to ensure that they do not see a need to divest from the UK.  Let me be clear, this is also a shorter-term item...again within the context of the deal, once that is done we will be looking to attract jobs both with a favorable tax and regulatory environment and with seeking out new arrangements with other trading partners.

-Finally, we will work to address any short-term customs complications on an as-needed basis.  The Government is prepared to invoke existing emergency legislation on a narrow, limited basis to allow vital supplies of medication and medical supplies from trusted vendors and countries to pass through to the UK with either minimal checks or with the waiving of checks.  Put plainly, as an example we're not going to let supplies of insulin from the EU get held up by border formalities...we'll waive the formalities instead.  Likewise, we will be putting funds forward to rearrange staffing at major ports of entry to ensure as smooth a transition in terms of handling the lines there as possible.  Our objective is 'business as usual' while we get such transitions taken care of.

More will be made available by the relevant Secretaries as the ink dries on the negotiations, but I hope that this gives the House and the Country some idea on what to expect.

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