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General Election Press Cycle
Labour will keep you locked in the European Union. Caroline Blakesley just confirmed that in London just now.  You’ll only get to choose between remaining in the EU and Labour's deal. That is not delivering Brexit.
Harold Saxon - Conservative and Unionist Party

Leader of The Opposition
Member of Parliament for North East Somerset
Deputy Prime Minister (February 2019 - June 2019)
I'm now going to go for a long sleep. But I think the campaign has shown a clear division in Britain - between a Tory party that doesn't know what Brexiit deal, future, or tax system it wants or will deliver; and a Labour party that has a plan for bringing our country back together. I'm excited for polling day, and hope that Britain will wake up to a new dawn on 23 May.
Eleanor Nerina | Labour MP for Brent North (2010 - )
Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Sustainable Growth (2019 - )
Traits: Campaign organiser / Media darling / Finite resources

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