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John Lamarr
[Image: petr-robejsek-676x676.jpg]
Name: John Lamarr
Age: 70 (born on 10 November 1949)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Christian (Anglican / Anglo-Catholic)
Avatar: Petr Robejšek
Discord Account: Everly

Harrow School
University of Cambridge, St John's College, Land Economy

Junior Supervisor, Charley Stanley Group (1977 -- 1978)
Senior Supervisor, Charles Stanley Group (1978 -- 1980)
Junior Executive Manager, Charles Stanley Group (1980 -- 1983)
Senior Executive Manager, Rathbone Brothers (1983 -- 1987)
Councillor, Christchurch Borough Council (1987 -- 2005)
Councillor, Dorset County Council (2005 -- 2010)
Member of Parliament, Christchurch (2010 -- now)

Party: Conservative
Faction: Spartan
Parliamentary Career:
Advisory Committee on Works of Art, member (2015 -- now)
Committee on Standards, member (2015 -- 2019)
British-American Parliamentary Group, member (2019 -- now)

Media Darling
Campaigning Guru

Welcome aboard!
The Hon Dylan Macmillan MP
North East Bedfordshire 2015 - Present

Chancellor of the Exchequer: 2020 - Present

Chair of the Justice Select Committee: 2019 - 2020
John Lamarr MP (born 10 November 1949) is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Christchurch since 2010, served briefly as the Shadow Brexit Secretary at the turn of 2019 and 2020, and since early 2020, he has been the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport & Infrastructure. 

Lamarr identifies as a traditionalist conservative and is sometimes seen as an example of a High Tory politician. While socially to the right of the majority of the Conservative Party, he favours protectionist and Tory corporatist approach to the economic issues. Regarding foreign policy, he is considered a maverick among the Conservatives because of his chiefly non-interventionist views. 

After getting elected in 2010, Lamarr joined the traditionalist Cornerstone Group. As a backbencher, he also became known as one of the most vocal Eurosceptics in the House of Commons and later a dedicated proponent of Brexit. 

Lamarr was born in Christchurch, Dorset and raised in an upper middle-class family. He is a devout high church Anglican. He attended Harrow School and later studied land economy at St John's College, Cambridge. As a prominent member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, he was considered one of the promising young faces of the Conservative Party during his studies. However, after leaving university, Lamarr decided to pursue career in the private sector instead. Up until 1983, he worked as a supervisor and later an executive manager for Charles Stanley Group in London, and then briefly as a senior executive manager for Rathbone Brothers.

In 1987, he decided to stand for election to Christchurch Borough Council, still not aiming at becoming a career politician. During his long tenure as a councillor, however, he was watched by the media significantly more than most local politicians as he did not hesitate to stoutly comment on current events on the national and international level, and deliberately drew attention to himself. In 2003, he publicly protested against the United Kingdom taking part in the invasion of Iraq and sent a critical open letter to Tony Blair. Over the course of the years, he wrote numerous columns and op-eds for Right Now!, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, and The Spectator, among others, and later also for several online outlets.

After serving as a Dorset County councillor between 2005 and 2010, he decided to stand for election to the House of Commons, at the time already a minor household name especially among conservative voters. In the House of Commons, he quickly became one of the most vocal conservative and Eurosceptic MPs, yet remained mostly a backbencher until 2019 when he was appointed the Shadow Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union by the Leader of the Opposition Harold Saxon, promoting the Canada+++ path with the option of no deal remaining on the table. After the reshuffle of early 2020 under the new Leader Paddy Dundas, Lamarr was appointed the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport & Infrastructure.

Lamarr is married with five adult children and thirteen grandchildren. He is known for his passion for Baroque music, wine, haute cuisine, classics, hunting, fencing, chess, and keeping whippets. 
John Lamarr MP
Member of Parliament for Christchurch
Shadow Secretary of State for Transport & Infrastructure
(media darling / campaigning guru / maverick)

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