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East Midlands  


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20/07/2019 9:53 pm  

Campaign here for local elections in the East Midlands and the Senate seats in the East Midlands.

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Sir Geoffrey Birch
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23/07/2019 11:10 pm  

Prominent Conservative backbencher Sir Geoffrey Birch toured the cities, towns and villages of the East Midlands with the Conservative Party's Senate candidates for the region, speaking to voters on topics of interest.


On the Senate generally: “These elections are quite unlike anything we have seen before in Britain. Normally an election would determine who is in power. These Senate elections will instead decide on what power they deserve. While these election won't change who the government are, they will change what the government is able to do. With a strong Conservative presence in the new Senate, we can act as a check on Labour's power, and prevent their worse impulses from becoming law. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to start implementing Conservative policies now, like getting tougher on crime or improving the performance of public services. Don't be fooled into thinking the Senate doesn't count. These elections are vital to the future of Britain!”


On law and order: “We've all felt it; the streets just don't feel safe. Labour and the Lib Dems have taken a pussy-footing attitude to law and order, cutting sentences for 'minor' crimes. It's simple common sense that if you reduce the penalties then you reduce the deterrent, making crime go up. It's hardly rocket science, and no wonder most people see crime rising. 'Minor' crimes lead to larger ones, not only from the criminal who thinks he's got away with it, but also from other criminals spurred on by the culture this attitude to crime engenders. Drug offences too need tackling properly, due the other forms of criminality that surround them. This is why Conservative Senators will enact tougher sentences drug offences and low-level crime, to strangle the pathway that leads to the most serious crimes.”


On the EU: “The European Union has changed dramatically from the Common Market that Britain joined in 1973. Never have the British people been consulted on its transformation from trading bloc to European superstate, complete with 'national' anthem. It's time for the British people to have their say. Conservative Senators will pass legislation for an In versus Out referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union. It'll then be up to the Lib-Lab Government in the Commons to either allow the British people their voice, or explain why the popular will must be silenced. It's a simple matter of democracy. Vote Conservative in these elections, and your voice will be heard across Europe at last!”

Sir Geoffrey Birch | Conservative Party
MP for Bexhill & Battle (2001-present)
Former MP for Northampton South (1983-1997)
Parliamentary experience: Novice (28)
Media experience: Novice (22)
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Formerly: Deborah Carpenter, Conservative, MP for Hertford & Stortford, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

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23/07/2019 11:18 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of mainstreeting:

The first page of the leaflet is largely taken up by a short letter from Graham Adiputera, though flanked by various pictures of the region’s local and Senate Lib Dem candidates throughout the area’s various communities. 

“Dear Local Resident,

I am writing to you today to urge you to support your Liberal Democrat candidates in upcoming local and Senate elections. We all know that politics is broken - the two-party system has long led to stagnant thinking and millions of voters being taken for granted, and one does not need to look hard to find a recent political story that causes embarrassment. Mary Cambel’s toxic legacy, Calvin Ward’s disastrous premiership, Dylan Macmillan condemning others for things he did himself while in office, William Croft insulting our allies and partners in the War on Terror. 

Throughout this all, though, the Liberal Democrats have been focused on producing sound and ambitious policies. It was our party that pushed for equal marriage, the pension triple lock, the pupil premium, a higher tax-free personal allowance, an anti-tax dodging strategy that saves £15 billion a year, the British Business Bank, billions of pounds of investment in green jobs and innovation, the Homelessness Action Fund, renewed focus on mental health and social care, regulatory relief for small businesses. Even when politics has been at its worst, the Liberal Democrats have been delivering for the British people. We have been fighting, tirelessly, for the rights and opportunities of every man, woman and child. The invaluable and unique contribution the Liberal Democrats make to politics has been proven time and time again. 

We have also been focused on fixing our broken politics. The Liberal Democrats delivered votes at 16, consistently championed replacing the unelected House of Lords with a Senate, are pushing for proportional representation, have been consistent advocates for devolution, have been the architects of a smart and human rights-focused foreign policy, and have rejected toxic politics wherever it arises. We are also the party taking the lead on getting big money out of politics. 

More remains to be done, of course. But with your support, we can continue building on these achievements and adding more to that list, delivering a greener, fairer, freer Britain for all. 

Yours sincerely,

Graham Adiputera

Leader of the Liberal Democrats” 

At the bottom of the first page, there is a box with some handy statistics, accompanied by eye-catching icons, that summarise some of the Liberal Democrat achievements in government: 

  • Standing up for civil liberties
  • An open, tolerant Britain
  • Building more homes
  • Investing in the jobs of tomorrow
  • 20,000 extra police officers
  • Extra money for schools and hospitals
  • Taking climate change seriously

The back side of the leaflet, flanked by pictures of candidates for local government and the Senate meeting with voters, continues to talk about Lib Dem achievements and values. Various text boxes, again accompanied by icons, go into detail about what the Lib Dems have achieved or will go on to achieve. 


Under the Liberal Democrats, the “pupil premium” to support disadvantaged students has more than doubled; the worst austerity cuts are being reversed and then some; NHS and school spending is growing in real terms; and we are investing more in infrastructure and housing. 


Under the Liberal Democrats, access to capital and advisory services for small and medium businesses has expanded, through the British Business Bank, and billions more is being invested in research and innovation to keep our economy on the cutting edge. We have championed a regulatory relief act, helping businesses deal with red tape, and a new strategy to support local enterprise hubs and businesses scale up. We are bringing the deficit down, faster than the Tories would, through fiscal discipline and an aggressive fight against tax dodging. 


The Liberal Democrats are the leaders on protecting our environment. We have fought for more money for environmental protection, have cut subsidies for fossil fuels, and have invested billions in green jobs and decarbonising our economy. We are currently leading the way on a bill to green our transport sector and implement a National Air Quality Plan. With your support, we will champion a new Nature Act to preserve our natural beauty, continue British leadership in new climate change legislation, and continue moving towards a zero-waste economy. 


The Liberal Democrats have taken action on some of the most burning injustices in our society - making up for underinvestment in mental health, supporting those with disabilities in getting the skills and opportunities they need, fighting homelessness and period poverty, repealing the bedroom tax, standing up for the rights of refugees, fighting the gender and race pay gaps. There is more to do - the Liberal Democrats are committed to an equalities agenda, supporting LGBT+ equality, banning upskirting and female genital mutilation, promoting civil liberties by repealing draconian laws.


The Liberal Democrats are the champions of political reform - votes at 16; proportional representation; replacing the House of Lords with the Senate; supporting devolution and localism to empower communities and give power to the people. 

At the bottom of the page there is both the legally required text and a form that can be cut out, allowing the recipient to get in touch with the candidate, either to discuss issues, to request GOTV assistance, or to offer support.

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
Deputy Prime Minister
Liberal Democrat Leader
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Technology

Parliamentary - 36
Media - 53
Policy - 48

Sylviane Jaubert
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23/07/2019 11:58 pm  

Sylviane Jaubert is visiting Nottingham meeting with voters.

Healthcare: NHS is recovering from a heavy dose of Tory government. Increased waiting lines, lower quality services and more costs to patients were the symptoms. As Labour, we have invested billions in the form of hiring thousands of doctors, nurses and support staff, 4500 new beds in our NHS hospitals. These are reducing waiting lines, increasing quality of care. We have invested 1.25 billion in our community mental healthcare, 1.4 billion in our social care system. Because social care and mental healthcare are integral parts of healthcare and for far too long they have been forgotten, that has ended with Labour but our job is not done, we need you to vote Labour so that we can continue improving our NHS and make sure Tories never get to savage the NHS like they did when they were in office.


Energy and Environment: We are banning fracking because fracking is harming our communities, for dirty forms of energy that pollutes our communities and our world. Banning fracking makes for UK and for our planet. We are also investing billions in green energy and transport, not only because the future of our planet and children rely on it, it also makes sense. Green energy is cleaner, safer and renewable. We won’t be facing market fluctuations like we do right now under oil and coal. We won’t be polluting our communities right now and we will not risk the lives of workers who work so hard in oil refineries, extractions. Labour needs your support to continue that.

Sylviane Jaubert MP
MP for Cynon Valley

Formerly as The Rt Hon Ariadne "Ari" Suchet MP
Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party

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24/07/2019 12:02 am  

End of Day 1 marker.

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24/07/2019 9:41 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of mainstreeting: 

The front of the leaflet is a list that reads “12 reasons to vote Liberal Democrat”, flanked by pictures of local candidates and topped off with the Lib Dem logo. The list reads as follows:

  1. Political Reform and Ending Broken Two-Party Politics
  2. Devolution Settlements that Give Power to the People
  3. Committed Community Champions
  4. Equal Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Tackling Burning Injustices
  6. Better Funded Public Services
  7. Higher Police Numbers
  8. Smart and Ethical Foreign Policy
  9. Investment, Not Austerity
  10. An Entrepreneurial and Inclusive Economy
  11. Fiscal Responsibility
  12. Getting Things Done Even When Politics is at its worst

The back page of the leaflet is divided into two halves: the first half, with Lib Dem colours, chronicles some of the Lib Dem achievements in government, with handy icons denoting the subject (such as wedding bells for equal marriage), while the other half, in dark and foreboding blues, covers the recent Conservative record. 

In the Lib Dem side of the page: 

  • VOTES AT 16

On the Conservative side of the page: 


Beneath this, a by-line, yellow text against a black strip, reads “WHEN POLITICS IS AT ITS WORST, THE LIB DEMS GET STUFF DONE.” 

At the bottom of the page there is both the legally required text and a form that can be cut out, allowing the recipient to get in touch with the candidate, either to discuss issues, to request GOTV assistance, or to offer support.

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
Deputy Prime Minister
Liberal Democrat Leader
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Technology

Parliamentary - 36
Media - 53
Policy - 48

Eleanor Nerina
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24/07/2019 10:23 pm  

Image result for michelle yeoh fighting

The Home Secretary arrives in Derby in the next stop in here motorcycle tour of marginal constituencies all corners of the country.

The Home Secretary, Eleanor Nerina, went campaigning in Derby to encourage voters to elect Labour candidates in the Senate Elections

She spoke to the first voter about how Labour had achieved record employment

“Labour is working and as a result a record number of people in the country are in a job – a direct benefit to us putting an end to the failed Tory austerity policies. Now it’s time for us to go further. Labour will fight to implement a real living wage so that everyone gets fair pay for a day’s work, crack down on unscrupulous companies that underpay their staff and avoid tax, and cut taxes for millions of hardworking people. The Tories can’t match that – their policies are just a recipe for more unemployment and lower wages – cuts to spending, billions wasted on a tax cut for the richest people in the country, and no ambition at all to end low pay. The choice is clear – give Labour a strong mandate to continue working in the national interest or go backwards with Tory austerity again.”

She then spoke about crime and public services

“The Tories are so obsessed with the bottom line that they still can’t see how damaging their policies in government were for our public services. I see it so acutely as Home Secretary, where the Tories cut 20,000 police officers and destroyed the morale of the police officers that keep us safe. Well, Labour in Government has reversed those cuts and gone further, hiring a record number of officers to keep our streets safe. We’re going to go even further, recruiting more officers and working to restore real neighbourhood policing with officers on the beat. That’s what the end of austerity means in practice: it means more police on the street, it means seeing your GP in days not weeks, it means your kids going to a decent school. That is what is at stake at this election, with a strong Labour presence in the Senate able to support Caroline Blakesley as we continue to undo the damage that David Cameron and Dylan Macmillan did to our country.”

Finally, she spoke to a voter about Labour’s national care service

“How we treat our neighbours and friends in need is a real measure of a country and a community. That’s why Labour in government is leading on establishing a National Care Service – so that the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues – anyone – who needs long term care will get it, free at the point of use. We will no longer be forcing some of the most vulnerable people to live in fear of how they will pay for their nurse or their home, and families will no longer have to sell their house or go bankrupt to support their loved ones. It’s probably the most important change to our welfare state in decades, and it’s happening because we have managed to end austerity and unlike the Tories aren’t squeamish about asking the most well off to pay a little more in tax to make our country and our society fairer for everybody. And yet the Tories have shrugged their shoulders and their priority is a tax cut of billions for the richest people in the country, city traders and hedge fund managers. You have a real opportunity to elect Labour Senators who will help deliver this revolution in social care – and make a real difference to tens of thousands of lives and families at the same time.”


Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department
Labour MP for Brent North (2005 - )

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24/07/2019 10:35 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of Campaigning



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