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West Midlands  


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20/07/2019 9:54 pm  

Campaign here for local elections in the West Midlands and the Senate seats in the West Midlands.

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23/07/2019 9:12 pm  

West Midlands:

Day 1: Birmingham Main Streeter

Edwin went canvassing through Birmingham with Senate and Local candidates in the city centre.

Edwin, along with candidates for Senate canvassed main street talking about the state of the NHS:

“Birmingham is home to some of the best NHS facilities in the United Kingdom. The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first NHS foundation trusts in England and has provided exceptional services to the people of the West Midlands and to the United Kingdom at large. The NHS also provides thousands of high quality jobs that provide support for countless families throughout the wider Birmingham area. Birmingham’s NHS facilities are a model for the rest of our great Kingdom. Still, there is more to be done.

The Conservative Party is committed to investing more into the NHS and supporting great facilities like the University Hospital Foundation here in Birmingham, promising a 10 Billion pound investment to ensure that we can hire even more qualified individuals in Birmingham to provide essential health services. By electing Conservative candidates to the Senate, the West Midlands can ensure that our great NHS institutions receive the investments they need for the health of our nation and to provide essential employment to our communities.

After his discussions on the NHS and glad-handing, Edwin turned his attention to local candidates talking about the state of the economy:

“Birmingham has a proud history of being a high-quality center of manufacturing and engineering. Despite this, Birmingham has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country under Labour’s economy. Labour has fundamentally failed Birmingham and the rest of the United Kingdom in its failure to address important economic issues. The Conservative Party stands for growth and economic opportunity with plans at every level of Government to help fix Labour’s broken economy. The key to revitalizing Great Britain's economy begins locally, and I’m proud to stand beside these sound Conservative candidates for local office.

Under Conservatives, your local Government will make job creation a commitment by removing barriers that hurt small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and by creating a business-friendly environment here in Birmingham, Conservatives will attract job creators who can create growth and strong wages throughout the West Midlands. By making these important changes at home, Conservatives can begin to fix Labour’s mess until a Conservative Government returns to Westminster and is able to remove needless taxes and regulations that stifle job creation and prosperity throughout the nation.”

Following his conversation about the economy, Edwin remained with local candidates and discussed the importance of protecting the environment:

“With 571 parks, Birmingham is proud to have more parks than any other city in Europe. Birmingham has embraced protecting its environment and has strategically utilized green spaces to prevent urban sprawl, maintain the health and well-being of everyone who lives in Birmingham and the wider area, and to provide a beautiful environment in which to live and work. Only the Conservative party has committed to taking decisive action to protect our environment and combat climate change while being responsible with our finances and ensuring that we also safeguard our economy. Just recently at Westminster, Conservatives lead the way yet again in promoting new renewable energy sources by promoting a greater use of tidal energy in the UK.

Ultimately, the fight to protect the environment begins at home. Under Conservative leadership, Birmingham will continue to lead the way in protecting green spaces and taking proactive measures on a local level to be good stewards of the environment so that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens and other parks for centuries to come.”

Edwin Brown
Conservative MP for Clacton (2014-Present)
Shadow Minister for Business, Infrastructure, and Transport
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23/07/2019 11:20 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of mainstreeting:

The first page of the leaflet is largely taken up by a short letter from Graham Adiputera, though flanked by various pictures of the region’s local and Senate Lib Dem candidates throughout the area’s various communities. 

“Dear Local Resident,

I am writing to you today to urge you to support your Liberal Democrat candidates in upcoming local and Senate elections. We all know that politics is broken - the two-party system has long led to stagnant thinking and millions of voters being taken for granted, and one does not need to look hard to find a recent political story that causes embarrassment. Mary Cambel’s toxic legacy, Calvin Ward’s disastrous premiership, Dylan Macmillan condemning others for things he did himself while in office, William Croft insulting our allies and partners in the War on Terror. 

Throughout this all, though, the Liberal Democrats have been focused on producing sound and ambitious policies. It was our party that pushed for equal marriage, the pension triple lock, the pupil premium, a higher tax-free personal allowance, an anti-tax dodging strategy that saves £15 billion a year, the British Business Bank, billions of pounds of investment in green jobs and innovation, the Homelessness Action Fund, renewed focus on mental health and social care, regulatory relief for small businesses. Even when politics has been at its worst, the Liberal Democrats have been delivering for the British people. We have been fighting, tirelessly, for the rights and opportunities of every man, woman and child. The invaluable and unique contribution the Liberal Democrats make to politics has been proven time and time again. 

We have also been focused on fixing our broken politics. The Liberal Democrats delivered votes at 16, consistently championed replacing the unelected House of Lords with a Senate, are pushing for proportional representation, have been consistent advocates for devolution, have been the architects of a smart and human rights-focused foreign policy, and have rejected toxic politics wherever it arises. We are also the party taking the lead on getting big money out of politics. 

More remains to be done, of course. But with your support, we can continue building on these achievements and adding more to that list, delivering a greener, fairer, freer Britain for all. 

Yours sincerely,

Graham Adiputera

Leader of the Liberal Democrats” 

At the bottom of the first page, there is a box with some handy statistics, accompanied by eye-catching icons, that summarise some of the Liberal Democrat achievements in government: 

  • Standing up for civil liberties
  • An open, tolerant Britain
  • Building more homes
  • Investing in the jobs of tomorrow
  • 20,000 extra police officers
  • Extra money for schools and hospitals
  • Taking climate change seriously

The back side of the leaflet, flanked by pictures of candidates for local government and the Senate meeting with voters, continues to talk about Lib Dem achievements and values. Various text boxes, again accompanied by icons, go into detail about what the Lib Dems have achieved or will go on to achieve. 


Under the Liberal Democrats, the “pupil premium” to support disadvantaged students has more than doubled; the worst austerity cuts are being reversed and then some; NHS and school spending is growing in real terms; and we are investing more in infrastructure and housing. 


Under the Liberal Democrats, access to capital and advisory services for small and medium businesses has expanded, through the British Business Bank, and billions more is being invested in research and innovation to keep our economy on the cutting edge. We have championed a regulatory relief act, helping businesses deal with red tape, and a new strategy to support local enterprise hubs and businesses scale up. We are bringing the deficit down, faster than the Tories would, through fiscal discipline and an aggressive fight against tax dodging. 


The Liberal Democrats are the leaders on protecting our environment. We have fought for more money for environmental protection, have cut subsidies for fossil fuels, and have invested billions in green jobs and decarbonising our economy. We are currently leading the way on a bill to green our transport sector and implement a National Air Quality Plan. With your support, we will champion a new Nature Act to preserve our natural beauty, continue British leadership in new climate change legislation, and continue moving towards a zero-waste economy. 


The Liberal Democrats have taken action on some of the most burning injustices in our society - making up for underinvestment in mental health, supporting those with disabilities in getting the skills and opportunities they need, fighting homelessness and period poverty, repealing the bedroom tax, standing up for the rights of refugees, fighting the gender and race pay gaps. There is more to do - the Liberal Democrats are committed to an equalities agenda, supporting LGBT+ equality, banning upskirting and female genital mutilation, promoting civil liberties by repealing draconian laws.


The Liberal Democrats are the champions of political reform - votes at 16; proportional representation; replacing the House of Lords with the Senate; supporting devolution and localism to empower communities and give power to the people. 

At the bottom of the page there is both the legally required text and a form that can be cut out, allowing the recipient to get in touch with the candidate, either to discuss issues, to request GOTV assistance, or to offer support.

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
Deputy Prime Minister
Liberal Democrat Leader
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Technology

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Caroline Blakesley
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23/07/2019 11:21 pm  

The Prime Minister campaigned in the West Midlands today for the Senate and local elections.

On the topic of education:

I recently saw the Conservative Party education plan: it was called an opportunity agenda. I agree that it offers opportunities for students. They’re just not the opportunities that students want or need: they’re the opportunities that will destroy our education system The Tory plan is an opportunity for more debt for students, an opportunity for schools to interview four year olds for places, an opportunity to deny students their potential by reintroducing selection. Tories think that education should be a marketplace, but schools weren’t meant to be a business - they’re meant to provide a quality education. And we can achieve that quality education without creating a system that inherently benefits the well off.

That is exactly what Labour is doing. We’ve led the way in the Coalition towards reducing tuition fees and loans for British students. We’re fighting to improve all schools, not just the schools that will be attended by the elite or we think deserve the best resources. And we’re making the investments in those school to boot. We are committed, absolutely, to helping every child achieve their potential: whether through academic education, technical education, an apprenticeship, or university. Education should be a silver bullet for success, no matter your dreams. Only Labour will bring forth that vision.

On the topic of climate change and green energy:

Climate change is a threat to the United Kingdom no matter where you live. That is a truth that is near universally acknowledged. It is a challenge that must become one of our top priorities in Parliament. That is why the Coalition has led the way in investing more in developing green energy sources in the past two years than any Tory government ever has. And every investment we’ve made was criticised by the Tory Party - until, that is, they realised that green energy was popular. Then they changed their tune. The reality is that we must do more. And the Labour Party is leading the way on that front.

We believe in creating a real renewable energy standard that forces electricity producers to produce more energy from renewable sources in the United Kingdom. We believe in banning fracking, which has the potential to dramatically lower air quality in areas where its occuring. And we believe in investment, both in research and in deployment, in green energy technologies. For places like the West Midlands, with world class education facilities like the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick, this will spur an innovation and jobs boom as new technology clusters focused on green energy form. We will continue this investment, by working to ensure that energy producers are working with universities and communities to develop new sources of green energy across our island home. At the end of the day, Labour is fighting for real investment in green energy, the Tories are fighting with empty words.

On the topic of economic growth and industry:

The reality today is the Britain is growing stronger than it has under any recent period of Tory-led government. And Britain is growing stronger because we have ended austerity politics and started making real investments in our communities. Whether it is the NHS, or small businesses, or major industries, Labour is leading the way in creating new jobs, new investments, and new opportunities for British workers, businesses, and families.

The Tory Party, however, would see those investments undone. They want to make it easier for millionaires to sell their second home, rather than provide focused investment in the infrastructure that makes our economy work: infrastructure that helps you whether you’re a businessman shipping your goods or a parent getting your kids to school. They want to end HS2 and make it more difficult for the West Midlands to stay connected to the rest of England, slowing growth in communities across the region. We cannot allow Tories in the Senate to drive an agenda that would discourage investment and innovation in the United Kingdom. To keep growth up, we must keep the Tories out.

Caroline Blakesley
Prime Minister
MP for Hammersmith

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24/07/2019 12:02 am  

End of Day 1 marker.

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Anthony Harte
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24/07/2019 7:30 pm  

Anthony Harte, MP, campaigned in the West Midlands today for the Senate and local elections.

On the topic of government services and taxation:

I feel like the Tories can campaign in their sleep. Though with as much as they've been out here to the West Midlands to see actual voters and actual people, it's not a stretch to imagine that they are asleep. It's the same worn, tired talking points. We need more tax cuts for millionaires, we need to spend less on providing services that the people need. We need to ignore the needs for energy that are provided for by the working men and women of this region. We need to forget about supporting schools and creating opportunities. We need austerity. We need to end HS2 and make sure that we remove any opportunities and hope for the people this region. And so on, and so forth. I know no Tory has been out here yet to say it, but their slogan is clear: More for me, less for thee!

And of course, tax cuts sound great. And of course there are better ways to manage the finances that come to governments in the form of taxation. That's why Labour is out here as hard as we are- because we owe it to you all who are the reason that we have an NHS. The reason we have education. The reason we have roads and why we're an unquestioned and unparalleled industrial and financial hub in Europe. It's the reason that Labour has made record-setting investments in infrastructure, in energy, and in health and education. And we do this while focusing on the benefits for working Britons, not on the millionaires in the South that fund Tory candidates and campaigns. With your support, you can send a clear voice in support of programs that help people, not millionaires. You can send a message that we want smart policies that make us all better off. Labour believes in spending smart, in providing growth and opportunities. For the Tories, they only believe in padding their own pockets.

On the topic of workers rights:

You might not be aware, but everything about the global economy today is thanks in no small part to the hard work of the men and women of the West Midlands some centuries ago. It was the hard-working people who went into the mines to extract resources- and the supporting families at their homes- that brought the Industrial Revolution that as more than defined our era. And while the technology has certainly evolved, while we've added a lot more than mining jobs to this region, there is no question that without the workers and families of the West Midlands, our economy and our way of life would be no more.

And yet, we hear the words and thoughts of a Party- the Tories- that want to do away with those same workers. They want you all to turn into cogs, to be subject to stifling, suffocating control of millionaires without any rights at all. Every step of the way they wanted to take away your voice. They wanted to take away your right to earn a fair wage. And they still do with their support for zero hours contracts, for laws that make it harder to strike and stand up for yourselves. Labour has been the champion of working men and women- that's why we're called Labour after all- by taking steps to ensure fair pay for working men and women. We've fought to loosen the grip that these zero hours contracts have on those who want to work. And your support for Senate and local Labour candidates can only serve to strengthen what we can do when it comes to providing support and opportunities for British workers. Don't let the Tories win- because if so, every worker will become just another replaceable cog in their machine of power. Voting Labour means retaining your rights for fair work, for fair wages, and for ensuring that this region can continue to be the economic powerhouse of a nation and of a world.

On the topic of the environment:

Outside a few rare examples, I don't think there's any group more foolish on the needs for our environment than the Tories have been. They've ignored facts- a pastime that I understand is a key part of Conservative thinking- and information that prove we've had a serious impact on our environment, and that it's our regions and our families that are going to pay the cost. Already we're seeing longer warm spells in the summer. We're seeing new weather patterns that make forecasting hard and that have actually harmed people. We're living the climate change, right now.

And this is why Labour is so concerned about our green economy. It's why we've proposed moving ourselves towards renewable sources of energy that are proven and that create jobs. It's why we're bringing projects to the West Midlands that will make our children better off while still meeting our power needs of today. And it's why we'll focus hard on bringing new energies to this region- a region which has some of the poorest air quality and some of the highest energy poverty rates in Britain today. Labour believes that green energy can create jobs and provide new opportunities through these investments while ensuring that our country remains in the vanguard when it comes to reducing our greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. Labour has made sure that this country is moving towards a renewable, bright future, ensuring that we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change. And with your support and your votes for local and Senate Labour candidates, we can go even further, making sure that when we finish our green revolution, that it's the workers and families of the West Midlands who benefit most.

Anthony Harte MP
Wirral West | Labour Party
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(Prior to 1 July 2019: Asil Ediboglu)

William (Will) Conway
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24/07/2019 8:39 pm  


The Shadow Secretary for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Will Conway, spoke to groups of voters in Worcester, the West Midlands, about some issues in the coming elections:


Conway spoke with voters about renewable energy:

"One of my passions is the development of renewable energy.  The fact is, we cannot go on as we have, relying on fossil fuels.  We are in a climate crisis and must act now.  That is why I forced discussion of renewable energy onto Parliament's agenda, and why the Conservative Party is committed to decisive action to achieve 100% clean energy for our country within our lifetimes.   When I introduced a bill to advance the use of tidal energy, the Government sat on it and did not want to discuss it.  Fortunately we forced it onto the agenda by an Opposition Day motion, show that we are the leaders when it comes to renewable energy. 

Aside from tidal, there is another great source of energy that I, and the Conservative Party, are committed to develop, and that is geothermal energy.  Right under our feet lies enough energy to power and heat your homes, businesses, and civic buildings, energy that is inexhaustible, 100% reliable, and 100% clean.  Worcestershire sits on a tremendous area for geothermal power.  Imagine the jobs and infrastructure and economic growth that will result from developing geothermal energy right here.  It has happened already in Southampton and there is no reason why it cannot happen here.  I am asking for you to vote Conservative up and down the line so that we will keep this issue at the top of the national agenda."



Conway then spoke to voters about Europe and a Referendum on EU membership:

"I will be frank with you.  I support our membership in the European Union.  I believe it delivers far more benefits than costs, economically, culturally, and in boosting our voice and influence in the world.  If I were to vote in a referendum on the question, I would vote for our country to remain in the European Union.  

But I respect those with different views, many of whom are Conservative voters and members of Parliament.  Under Dylan MacMillan, we have an open atmosphere where people can express their views with mutual respect.  And we share a trust in the judgment of the people, which is why we continue to advocate for a Referendum on our membership in the EU.  But the Government is blocking this Referendum.  Labour and the Liberal Democrats are acting from fear and mistrust of the people.   They think the you, the people, would not know what you would be doing in a referendum.  They think the "experts" in Government should have final say.  I guess they mean the same "experts" who gave us three Prime Ministers within one year ... an extremist, a schemer, and a control freak.  

That is not the Conservative view.  We have promised a referendum and we will deliver a referendum, where all sides can be heard.  YOU have the opportunity to send a message to the fearful and distrustful Government that YOUR voices must be heard.  That is why I am asking for your vote for my party in the Senate elections, so that this Government will finally take YOUR views into account on an EU Referendum."



Finally, Conway talked about immigration and refugees:

"Immigration is on balance a good thing for our country.  It is also good that all parties are agreed that we should accept some refugees from war-torn places such as Syria.  But only the Conservative Party is willing to talk about realistic limits on immigration and refugee admissions.  This Government believes in open borders and dismisses consideration of any limits on immigration.  It does not matter what our population is.  It does not matter what culture people come from.  It does not matter what will be the impact on specific communities.  It does not matter what will be the impact on schools, health care, or law enforcement.  They support immigration for immigration for the sake of immigration.  Once again, it is striking that Labour takes this stance when many of their own voters may have reservations.  

It is even more striking that on her way out the door, the radical Prime Minister Ari Suchet dropped a bomb on Britain by decreeing that we would accept 250,000 refugees, including 100,000 in one year.  And if communities did not volunteer to take them, these communities would be "volunteered" by the Government.  That would include Worcester.  All of the potential issues I just mentioned about uncontrolled immigration are relevant when it comes to refugees.  Fortunately, the Government did withdraw it's extreme plan.  But it is only the Conservative Party that promises an open and honest discussion about immigration and refugee settlement.  I am asking you to send a message to the Government by giving your vote to the Conservative Party in the coming Senate elections.

Will Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North (2014- )
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy,
Environment and Climate Change (2016)

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24/07/2019 9:39 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of mainstreeting: 

The front of the leaflet is a list that reads “12 reasons to vote Liberal Democrat”, flanked by pictures of local candidates and topped off with the Lib Dem logo. The list reads as follows:

  1. Political Reform and Ending Broken Two-Party Politics
  2. Devolution Settlements that Give Power to the People
  3. Committed Community Champions
  4. Equal Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Tackling Burning Injustices
  6. Better Funded Public Services
  7. Higher Police Numbers
  8. Smart and Ethical Foreign Policy
  9. Investment, Not Austerity
  10. An Entrepreneurial and Inclusive Economy
  11. Fiscal Responsibility
  12. Getting Things Done Even When Politics is at its worst

The back page of the leaflet is divided into two halves: the first half, with Lib Dem colours, chronicles some of the Lib Dem achievements in government, with handy icons denoting the subject (such as wedding bells for equal marriage), while the other half, in dark and foreboding blues, covers the recent Conservative record. 

In the Lib Dem side of the page: 

  • VOTES AT 16

On the Conservative side of the page: 


Beneath this, a by-line, yellow text against a black strip, reads “WHEN POLITICS IS AT ITS WORST, THE LIB DEMS GET STUFF DONE.” 

At the bottom of the page there is both the legally required text and a form that can be cut out, allowing the recipient to get in touch with the candidate, either to discuss issues, to request GOTV assistance, or to offer support.

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
Deputy Prime Minister
Liberal Democrat Leader
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Technology

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Caroline Blakesley
Prime Minister & MP for Hammersmith
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24/07/2019 11:26 pm  

Labour Senate HPE - Manifesto Launch

The Prime Minister was joined by Alastair Darling (a candidate for Senate in Scotland and Labour’s Leader in the Senate), Doreen Lawrence (a candidate for Senate in London and Labour’s Deputy Leader in the Senate), as well as members of the Labour Senate frontbench team for the release of the party’s Senate election manifesto in Birmingham.

Thank you all! It’s a pleasure to be here in Birmingham today. Birmingham represents so much of the opportunity that this Labour government has worked to deliver over the past several years. And as Alastair and I hope to make absolutely clear today, we’re not done yet.

I cannot come before you and say that the failed leadership of Calvin Ward represented the best of Labour. It did not. But Calvin Ward is gone. We’ve established new leadership, principled leadership, that is focused on advancing the needs of every person, every family, and every business in Britain. We are working for working Britons. We are delivering for small businesses and entrepreneurs around the country. We are defending Britain at home and abroad. We are tackling our climate crisis head on. That is the Labour commitment. That is our record in government.

The Tories want to paint a picture of Labour dysfunction. That is wrong. The reality is that Labour is working. Labour will keep working. Our accomplishments are significant. We’ve delivered historic investment in green energy. We’ve reversed Tory austerity and improved our public services. We’ve repealed employment tribunal fees and fought to end low pay – ensuring fairness for workers. We assembled a coalition to fight Daesh and introduced comprehensive counterterrorism legislation to keep Britain safe.

No, despite what the Tories may be saying, Labour is working. We’re working for every person in our island home. And we’re not done yet. Our comprehensive plan for a better Britain, Labour is working, proposes a renewal of the basic bargain between government and the people. It proposes a real shift in services, in productivity, in fairness, and in opportunity for every Briton.

The stakes are high in this election. At stake is our mission to renew the promise of Britain for the millions who were forgotten under Tory austerity, to ensure the promise of Britain for those that will lose out if we let the Tories restore selective education and other policies that will benefit only the most well off in society. We cannot afford to lose.

I fully believe in Britain. I believe in a better politics that elevates each and every person that calls this island home. I believe that we can overcome the challenges that we face. I believe in the basic bargain that we provide to every person in our nation. And so long as I am Prime Minister, Labour will protect that bargain. We will not forget those in society that need the leadership of a Labour government.

For those who require care, whether in old age or in youth, we will not forget you.

For those facing the challenge of finding new work or facing hard times, we will not forget you.

For those that are underpaid and find themselves without their rights at work protected, we will not forget you.

For those that cannot breathe because of dirty air, we will not forget you.

For every Briton that has fallen through the cracks of our broken politics, we will not forget you.

The policies that we put forth in this Senate election will make that clear. Only a Labour-led Senate will provide the services, the investment, and the opportunity that Britain needs. Only a Labour-led Senate will work for working Britons, for all Britons.

As the Prime Minister finished speaking, Alastair Darling took the podium to discuss the Labour manifesto that has been presented.

Thank you all. And thank you, Caroline.

The past few years have certainly been challenging for Britain. However, we cannot look past the strides we’ve made. Scotland voted to remain in the Union. We ended Tory austerity. We took the lead in confronting terrorists that seek to threaten our home.

This election for the Senate is not about changing the Prime Minister. It’s not about the Tory promises for tax cuts. It’s about getting a government that works in Westminster. The Tories have been clear – they plan to use the Senate to obstruct, obstruct, and obstruct. Where Labour seeks to implement policies designed to lift every person in our nation up, the Tories will fight to block, block, and block. Dylan Macmillan and Boris Johnson don’t want to make government accountable – they want to make governing impossible.

And the consequences of impossible government will be severe for every working person, every working family in this country. There will be no change to our social care system – change that is desperately needed. There will be no action on low pay – which Conservative leaders have already declared is not an issue worth confronting.

A Labour-led Senate will mean real accountability in government and real progress for Britain. On our leadership team we have true parliamentarians, leaders like Ann Taylor and Doreen Lawrence, who have devoted their lives to holding those in power to account. We have distinguished business leaders, like Alan Sugar, who are champions for enterprise and industry in the United Kingdom. We have tireless advocates, like Glenys Kinnock and Sir George Bain, who have always championed the least well off in society. This is a team that will deliver for every person in this nation.

More importantly, a Labour-led Senate will mean a real chance to change Britain for the better. Caroline spoke of our basic bargain. I want to elaborate on this. We built a modern Britain on the idea that the government will protect our people from cradle to grave. And with the austerity imposed by the last Tory government, Britain failed to live up to that basic promise.

For the least fortunate in society shunted to the Universal Credit, Britain failed to provide them basic dignity as they try to get back on their feet.

For those unable to get the care that they deserved as a result of social care cuts, Britain denied them dignity in old age – or in some cases in youth.

For workers who simply sought to have their rights protected, Britain forced them to pay exorbitant costs or allow discrimination and illegally low wages to continue.

Labour is changing that. We are renewing the basic bargain to which every Britain is entitled. The challenge remains great. There is much work to do. But we are accomplishing what we set out. Workers now pay less in tax. Employment tribunal fees are no more. We’re making the welfare system fairer. We’re acting on social care.

Today our promise to you is simple. Labour is working. With a Labour-led Senate we will continue to work. We will continue to promote an enterprise economy, to promote strong public services, to promote British workers and working families. But this will only happen with a Labour-led Senate.

Please, join us today as we strive to move Britain forward, as we leave behind the petty political games of the past and get back to work for the benefit of all of Britain.

Caroline Blakesley
Prime Minister
MP for Hammersmith

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24/07/2019 11:54 pm  



It warms my heart to see so many Lib Dem heres, not only a few years ago we were down on our luck but we have shown Britain what a liberal political force can do. We are fighting for change and we will succeed.

Nearly a century ago the Liberal party committed itself to reform the House of Lords and along with it end the notion that you deserve the right to make laws by virtue of your birth. It has been a long time coming but now the British people are going to elect their first members of the new Senate. For the first time in British history both chambers of our national Parliament will be elected and no longer will legislation be decided by someone who was born into a role or appointed to it.

It has been the Liberal Democrats that have fought, tooth and nail for these reforms. We have never accepted the status quo of the two main parties, and now apparently the Greens. We have never accepted that the British people never deserve the right to decide who legislates on their behalf. As a party we are dedicated to a new and better politics, where democracy reigns supreme, not the divine right of a few Lords and Ladies. 

The new Senate will be revolutionary to our politics, a true example of proportional representation for Britain where no party will have a majority and consensus must be achieved for its success. I hope it will breed a new type of politics here in the UK, where parties work together for the betterment for all, not just play to party loyalties. I look forward to the new Senate, and hopefully, a large contingent of Lib Dem Senators that will get down to work straight away. We have assembled a team that represents the diverse make-up of the United Kingdom, mixed with experience and new talent, with the passion and drive to make our country a better place to live. I am excited for the new senate and for the Lib Dems we’re going to elect.

When it comes to the priorities for the Lberal Democrats in the Senate or any elected Liberal Democrat is doing what is best for our constituents, whether that is your local town hall or the UK Parliament, we will always stand up for you and your best interests. Whether that be in education, the NHS, green energy, investment or defence. It is the Liberal Democrats that represent the liberal heart of our country, and we will fight for what is right.

I was disappointed to hear Samantha Ryan on LBC earlier criticising the first ever truly elected upper chamber in our country, a Green party politician attacking proportional representation and electoral reform. I never thought I would see the day. I’m sure Caroline Lucas and countless other Green members are spitting feathers right now at what is being done to their party. The Greens and Lib Dems have always been linked together by our commitment to electoral reform, but apparently not anymore. The Green leadership has turned her back on one of their party’s key policy commitments. What I say to any Green voter out there is that the Liberal Democrats will never abandon our commitment to electoral reform, for we truly believe that our broken politics can never be truly repaired until our electoral system is one fit for use in the 21st Century not the 18th Century.

It was my great honour to have once been the leader of our party and to lead us through the last General Election, but I am prouder still to introduce our next speaker. Graham bravely stood up when I had to stand down and I could not think of a greater successor. Please welcome our leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Graham Adiputera.


Hello everyone, and thank you Meredith for that brilliant introduction. It is not an exaggeration to say that Meredith saved the liberal movement in this country.

Throughout this whole campaign, we have been stressing our accomplishments and our vision for what else we can do in government. Throughout this whole campaign, our message has been simple - even when politics has been broken, even at the height of Calvin Ward or Mary Cambel scandals, we deliver results. And we are the party devoted to deep structural change to meaningfully fix our politics.

Now, the election is a choice between that positive Liberal Democrat vision and the destructive, divisive rhetoric of the Conservatives. The Conservatives are campaigning in opposition to the policies put forward by other Conservatives. The Senate manifesto says that they will escalate the war on drugs, whereas James Cleverly in London seems to have acknowledged that, at least with cannabis, that policy has failed. In Scotland, they want to reintroduce prescription charges - but only last year, they were calling to abolish them in England. They have flip-flopped - not once, but twice - on whether they want to freeze rail fares or increase them. 

And let us not forget their shambolic record on foreign policy. Calling to tear up the Iran deal on a whim. Falsely calling our allies and partners sponsors of terror. Wanting to cut the resources that we use to fight extremism, fight international poverty, tackle challenges such as the climate crisis and refugee flows together. Not trusting our intelligence services. Trying to barter, to horse-trade, to engage in backroom deals, with the most intrinsic parts of national security. 

And - and this is something I would never do, no politician should ever do - questioning the loyalty and patriotism of those who disagree with them on policy. It is an ugly kind of politics, an erratic and irresponsible kind of foreign policy. 

The Nasty Party is back. The Conservatives say that if you disagree with William Croft’s latest half-thought-out proposal, your loyalty is not to the country. The Conservatives will make jokes about a man’s struggle with alcoholism. The Conservatives will just outright call their opponents bad people. It’s a petty, pathetic style of politics that is more reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s Tea Party than Churchill’s Conservatives. 

And let’s not forget the greatest act of hypocrisy in modern politics. When Dylan Macmillan found himself as the third leader of a party in government during the same term, he tried to cling onto power, only letting go thanks to his own refusal to compromise. When it was a leader from another party doing exactly the same thing, Dylan Macmillan described it as a “scandal and an outrage”, William Croft saying a leader coming to power through the same mechanism Dylan Macmillan came to power would be “unelected, untested, self-anointed.” 

Why is it one rule for Dylan Macmillan, another rule for everyone else? We still don’t know. 

The Conservatives are saying that, oh, we must avoid a one-party state. They say that decisions should be made directly by the British people. Now, if they actually believed this, they would campaign for the proportional representation system, of Single Transferable Vote, that the Liberal Democrats have secured a referendum on. But they won’t. Under the current first-past-the-post system - which the Conservatives intend to defend - there are single-party councils, without a single opposition voice. We would get rid of those. The Conservatives would not. Under the current system, the diverse views of the British people are not mirrored by the make-up of parliament. We would fix that. The Conservatives would not. 

The Conservatives are the true threat to our country, if back in power under Dylan Macmillan and the ill-placed William Croft we would see Britain’s place in the world diminished, our moral authority weakened and our public services ruined. They have gone into this election thinking they have the absolute right to win it, but they’re wrong it is the Liberal Democrats that are challenging them across the country, in Cornwall, in Scotland, in Wales and in the Senate. It is the Liberal Democrats that are providing the leadership our country needs.

Since 2010, the Liberal Democrats have been the junior partner in two very different coalitions. The first was the bring our country back from the brink, and the second is to drive our country forward tapping into the success of our nation and delivering the growth our country needs. Across those two coalitions there has been one driving force, the Liberal Democrats. The age of two party politics is over and we have shown that we have the capability and the maturity to lead this country. We have delivered on our promises to radically invest in the green and renewable energy sector, we have secured greater funding for education with the Pupil Premium, we gave millions a tax cut with the personal income tax allowance increases and we fought for civil rights when we legislated Same Sex Marriage. None of these would have happened if it weren't for the Liberal Democrats. That is what liberals deliver when in Government, that is what we do and I know we are capable of so much more.

We have a chance in this election to reshape the political map of Britain. The Tories think they have it all sewn up but let us be clear that Dylan Macmillan and his cronies are weak when it comes to standing up for the British people. This election, a truly fair election with proportional representation is what we have been fighting to achieve for decades. Let’s get out there and deliver a Senate packed with Liberal Democrats. Let’s fight for change.

Thank you.

Graham and MHC pose together on stage and are joined by Lib Dem activists, all wearing Lib Dem t-shirts. Together they form a great huddle chanting “Fight for change!”

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
Deputy Prime Minister
Liberal Democrat Leader
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Technology

Parliamentary - 36
Media - 53
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