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Yorkshire and the Humber  


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20/07/2019 9:53 pm  

Campaign here for local elections in Yorkshire and the Senate seats in Yorkshire.

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William (Will) Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North
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23/07/2019 9:47 pm  


Will Conway, the Shadow Secretary for Energy, the Environment and Climate Change, spoke to groups of voters in Hull about what the Conservative Party offers to the people of the area and of Great Britain as a whole.



Conway then discussed energy and the environment with a small group of voters:


"The Conservative Party is leading the way on renewable energy.  As Shadow Secretary for Energy, the Environment, and Climate Change, I have particularly advocating for underutilized resources such as tidal and geothermal power.  I put renewable energy on Parliament's agenda and it will remain at the center of Conservative Energy and Environmental policy. 

Just as Great Britain is uniquely placed to become a leader in tidal and geothermal power, Yorkshire has tremendous green energy potential that we Conservatives fully support. I am so glad to be in Hull today, because of its proximity to the Humber estuary.  This estuary represents one of the top eight sites in Britain for the development of tidal power.  If Great Britain fully develops tidal power, that will provide 20% of our electricity needs.  And more than energy, consider the investments that will be made in infrastructure to build this project, helping this area's economy and providing good jobs.  By supporting the Conservative Party in the upcoming Senate elections, you will help to keep tidal energy development at the center of the national agenda, which will benefit all of Britain, and this part of Britain.



Conway then discussed Conservative proposals on tax with some voters:


"A Conservative Government would mean more pounds in your pocket.  We propose to lower the standard rate to 15%, which would result in average earners keeping another 800 pounds of the money they worked for.  We believe that you, and you, and you, know what to do with money better than the government does.  You can save it, or invest, or spend it on something you need.  This is good for you and good for the economy, as it can increase both savings and consumption.

What does Labour offer you?   Well, they offer class envy.  They are trying to distract you from our worker and family-friendly tax ideas, so they rant against us on the capital gains tax.  That is because they have no concept of how to enlarge our economy through capital formation and economic growth.  Labour believes that money belongs first to the State, and that the economy is a stagnant "pie," which they in their wisdom must dole out to you, the people.  But the Conservative Party believes in economic growth, so that the economy is larger and the rewards are greater.  And we Conservatives recognize that the money you earn or gain from investments is in the first instance YOUR money, and that the State has only a secondary claim on it."



Finally, Conway advocated voting Conservative in the coming Senate elections in order to "send a message to Westminster"

"We have been suffering through the most dysfunctional government in our history, or at least since the advent of Parliamentary democracy.  You know the story:  Labour first foisted an ideologue on us as Prime Minister, then a duplicitous and incompetent schemer (who reminds me of Fredo Corleone from the Godfather movies), followed by a control freak who cannot control her temper and who threatens Opposition front benchers!  And the Liberal Democrats keep empowering Labour to provide these terrible Prime Ministers!  This basket of deplorables has caused real world problems:  the Government has been so caught up in its own drama that it failed to serve the people, on everything from devolution to tax to foreign policy.  

In contrast, the Conservative Party has been a strong Opposition, and we are delivering for the people of the United Kingdom.  We have placed important issues like local government empowerment, renewable energy, lower taxes,  and reform of the Upper House of Parliament on the agenda.  Indeed, you will be voting in the Senate elections because Dylan MacMillan had that idea in the first place.  He is a reformer, he believes in accountable government, and he respects the members of the Shadow Cabinet enough to form our own innovative policies for Britain.  

By voting Conservative in the Senate elections, you are sending a message to Westminster that you want accountable, effective government instead of this gimcrack edifice that Labour and the Lib Dems are desperately propping up.

Will Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North (2014- )
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy,
Environment and Climate Change (2016)

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Media 14
Policy 8

Meredith Hansen-Charles
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23/07/2019 11:53 pm  

Meredith Hansen-Charles, Secretary of State for Education, joined Lib Dem candidates for the special Senate election in the City of York where she spoke with voters.


On Education

The Liberal Democrats have led the way forward on reforming education across the country. It was us who proposed and implement the Pupil Premium that invested money directly into our schools providing more investment for the most disadvantages kids and with our continued campaigning we have increased the pupil premium investments so our schools have greater discretionary funds to really help our nation’s kids. We will continue that fight in the Senate with a strong contingent of Lib Dem Senators. Senators that are committed to a fair education system where every child has the same opportunities to succeed. 

Recently, the Conservatives announced their desire to return to the failed policy of Grammar schools - a system that pitted child against child and decided their entire life at the age of 11. I was sickened at the proposal and I can guarantee that any Government the Liberal Democrats are ever involved in will never return to the failed Grammar schools. Our education system must be inclusive for all children, where children no matter who they are are encouraged to succeed and to achieve their potential. Under the Conservatives they clearly want to have schools for their kids and separate schools for the families they deem to be less worthy. It is disgusting.

On Housing

Our manifesto at the General Election was bold on its vision to tackle the housing crisis, and I admit we still have a long way to go but we are committed to delivering on that promise. We have already delivered British Housing and Infrastructure Bank that directly invests into housing projects, in coalition we have delivered more and more council housing providing affordable housing for so many people, and we established the Homelessness Action Fund that directly targets the homelessness problem we are facing our society.

The Liberal Democrats have a track record on delivering on housing, we have much more to do and with a strong contingent of Lib Dem Senators we can ensure we keep the fight going.

On Equalities and Diversity

Fairness and equality are hardcoded in the DNA of all Liberal Democrats, we are a party that is dedicated to a truly equal society where everyone has the same rights and are all treated equally. With the Lib Dems in Government we have delivered Same-Sex Marriage, delivered LGBT+ inclusive sex education in our schools, and expanded more services for those in the greatest need. Our country and society is ever changing and the Liberal Democrats have always aimed to stand alongside those driving change for us all. Throughout our party’s history we have stood up for minorities and we will continue to fight for fairness and equality for all.


Leaflet to accompany mainstreeting in Yorkshire and the Humber

The first page of the leaflet is largely taken up by a short letter from Graham Adiputera, though flanked by various pictures of the region’s local and Senate Lib Dem candidates throughout the area’s various communities. 


“Dear Local Resident,

I am writing to you today to urge you to support your Liberal Democrat candidates in upcoming local and Senate elections. We all know that politics is broken - the two-party system has long led to stagnant thinking and millions of voters being taken for granted, and one does not need to look hard to find a recent political story that causes embarrassment. Mary Cambel’s toxic legacy, Calvin Ward’s disastrous premiership, Dylan Macmillan condemning others for things he did himself while in office, William Croft insulting our allies and partners in the War on Terror. 

Throughout this all, though, the Liberal Democrats have been focused on producing sound and ambitious policies. It was our party that pushed for equal marriage, the pension triple lock, the pupil premium, a higher tax-free personal allowance, an anti-tax dodging strategy that saves £15 billion a year, the British Business Bank, billions of pounds of investment in green jobs and innovation, the Homelessness Action Fund, renewed focus on mental health and social care, regulatory relief for small businesses. Even when politics has been at its worst, the Liberal Democrats have been delivering for the British people. We have been fighting, tirelessly, for the rights and opportunities of every man, woman and child. The invaluable and unique contribution the Liberal Democrats make to politics has been proven time and time again. 

We have also been focused on fixing our broken politics. The Liberal Democrats delivered votes at 16, consistently championed replacing the unelected House of Lords with a Senate, are pushing for proportional representation, have been consistent advocates for devolution, have been the architects of a smart and human rights-focused foreign policy, and have rejected toxic politics wherever it arises. We are also the party taking the lead on getting big money out of politics. 

More remains to be done, of course. But with your support, we can continue building on these achievements and adding more to that list, delivering a greener, fairer, freer Britain for all. 

Yours sincerely,

Graham Adiputera

Leader of the Liberal Democrats” 


At the bottom of the first page, there is a box with some handy statistics, accompanied by eye-catching icons, that summarise some of the Liberal Democrat achievements in government: 

Standing up for civil liberties

An open, tolerant Britain

Building more homes

Investing in the jobs of tomorrow

20,000 extra police officers

Extra money for schools and hospitals

Taking climate change seriously


The back side of the leaflet, flanked by pictures of candidates for local government and the Senate meeting with voters, continues to talk about Lib Dem achievements and values. Various text boxes, again accompanied by icons, go into detail about what the Lib Dems have achieved or will go on to achieve. 



Under the Liberal Democrats, the “pupil premium” to support disadvantaged students has more than doubled; the worst austerity cuts are being reversed and then some; NHS and school spending is growing in real terms; and we are investing more in infrastructure and housing. 



Under the Liberal Democrats, access to capital and advisory services for small and medium businesses has expanded, through the British Business Bank, and billions more is being invested in research and innovation to keep our economy on the cutting edge. We have championed a regulatory relief act, helping businesses deal with red tape, and a new strategy to support local enterprise hubs and businesses scale up. We are bringing the deficit down, faster than the Tories would, through fiscal discipline and an aggressive fight against tax dodging. 



The Liberal Democrats are the leaders on protecting our environment. We have fought for more money for environmental protection, have cut subsidies for fossil fuels, and have invested billions in green jobs and decarbonising our economy. We are currently leading the way on a bill to green our transport sector and implement a National Air Quality Plan. With your support, we will champion a new Nature Act to preserve our natural beauty, continue British leadership in new climate change legislation, and continue moving towards a zero-waste economy. 



The Liberal Democrats have taken action on some of the most burning injustices in our society - making up for underinvestment in mental health, supporting those with disabilities in getting the skills and opportunities they need, fighting homelessness and period poverty, repealing the bedroom tax, standing up for the rights of refugees, fighting the gender and race pay gaps. There is more to do - the Liberal Democrats are committed to an equalities agenda, supporting LGBT+ equality, banning upskirting and female genital mutilation, promoting civil liberties by repealing draconian laws.



The Liberal Democrats are the champions of political reform - votes at 16; proportional representation; replacing the House of Lords with the Senate; supporting devolution and localism to empower communities and give power to the people. 


At the bottom of the page there is both the legally required text and a form that can be cut out, allowing the recipient to get in touch with the candidate, either to discuss issues, to request GOTV assistance, or to offer support.

Meredith Hansen-Charles
Secretary of State for Education
Minister for Women and Equalities

"Meredith a deity" - Kandler/The Times

Caroline Blakesley
Prime Minister & MP for Hammersmith
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23/07/2019 11:59 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of mainstreeting:

Caroline Blakesley
Prime Minister
MP for Hammersmith

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24/07/2019 12:04 am  

End of Day 1 marker.

Rick the Admin - The Resident Psephologist
Admin for Cabinet, PM's Office, DPM's Office, Defence, Energy, Regions, Environment, Transport, Communities, Elections, and Advisor to Labour and the Lib Dems

William (Will) Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North
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24/07/2019 4:45 pm  


The Shadow Secretary for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Will Conway, spoke to groups of voters in Scarborough, Yorkshire, about some issues in the coming elections:


Conway spoke with voters about renewable energy:

"One of my passions is the development of renewable energy.  The fact is, we cannot go on as we have, relying on fossil fuels.  We are in a climate crisis and must act now.  That is why I forced discussion of renewable energy onto Parliament's agenda, and why the Conservative Party is committed to decisive action to achieve 100% clean energy for our country within our lifetimes.  This will be good for Britain, and good for Yorkshire.  I have already spoken about the great potential for tidal energy development in the Humber Estuary, about the jobs and economic growth that will result for building the needed infrastructure in support of it.  But there is another great source of energy that I, and the Conservative Party, are committed to develop, and that is geothermal energy.  Right under our feet lies enough energy to power and heat your homes, businesses, and civic buildings, energy that is inexhaustible, 100% reliable, and 100% clean.  The eastern part of Yorkshire sits on a tremendous area for geothermal power.  Imagine the jobs and infrastructure and economic growth that will result from developing geothermal energy right here.  I am asking for you to vote Conservative up and down the line so that we will keep this issue at the top of the national agenda."



Conway then spoke to voters about Europe and a Referendum on EU membership:

"I will be frank with you.  I support our membership in the European Union.  I believe it delivers far more benefits than costs, economically, culturally, and in boosting our voice and influence in the world.  If I were to vote in a referendum on the question, I would vote for our country to remain in the European Union.  

But I respect those with different views, many of whom are Conservative voters and members of Parliament.  Under Dylan MacMillan, we have an open atmosphere where people can express their views with mutual respect.  Now, you know as well as I do that there are Labour voters and MPs with differing views on Europe as well.  But you never hear about that, because under this increasingly authoritarian Prime Minister, different views and perspectives are kept under wraps.  And that is why this Government refuses to do something Labour once promised to do ... hold a referendum on EU membership.  They and the Liberal Democrats are acting from fear and mistrust of the people.  That is not the Conservative view.  We have promised a referendum and we will deliver a referendum, where all sides can be heard.  YOU have the opportunity to send a message to the fearful and distrustful Government that YOUR voices must be heard.  That is why I am asking for your vote for my party in the Senate elections, so that this Government will finally take YOUR views into account on an EU Referendum."



Finally, Conway talked about immigration and refugees:

"Immigration is on balance a good thing for our country.  It is also good that all parties are agreed that we should accept some refugees from war-torn places such as Syria.  But only the Conservative Party is willing to talk about realistic limits on immigration and refugee admissions.  This Government believes in open borders and dismisses consideration of any limits on immigration.  It does not matter what our population is.  It does not matter what culture people come from.  It does not matter what will be the impact on specific communities.  It does not matter what will be the impact on schools, health care, or law enforcement.  They support immigration for immigration for the sake of immigration.  Once again, it is striking that Labour takes this stance when many of their own voters may have reservations.  

It is even more striking that on her way out the door, the radical Prime Minister Ari Suchet dropped a bomb on Britain by decreeing that we would accept 250,000 refugees, including 100,000 in one year.  And if communities did not volunteer to take them, these communities would be "volunteered" by the Government.  All of the potential issues I just mentioned about uncontrolled immigration are relevant when it comes to refugees.  Fortunately, the Government did withdraw it's extreme plan.  But it is only the Conservative Party that promises an open and honest discussion about immigration and refugee settlement.  I am asking you to send a message to the Government by giving your vote to the Conservative Party in the coming Senate elections.

Will Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North (2014- )
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy,
Environment and Climate Change (2016)

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24/07/2019 9:00 pm  

Emma Hollens, Secretary of State for Transport, joined local activists in Hull to campaign for the Senate elections. She spoke on the economy, infrastructure, and renewable energy.

To one voter, she said:

“After years of Conservative austerity that slowed growth, Labour’s investment in public services, jobs, and innovation has put the economy on stronger foundations again. But we want to go further to encourage competition in markets, support innovation, and spread growth fairly across the economy. This is something that will benefit areas like Hull massively, after being harmed by Tory austerity. Labour is committed to ensuring that the economy works for you as much as the top 1% by tackling low pay, giving additional rights as work, and cutting your taxes. Only by voting Labour can this be implemented; a vote for any other party is a vote for obstruction and dysfunction.”  

To another, Emma said:

“For too long it seems like the South gets all the infrastructure investment doesn’t it? While they get fancy new trains, we are stuck with unelectrified train lines and pacer trains that go slow. The lack of investment in northern infrastructure has hurt us, slowed down our economy, and prevented us from creating well-paid good jobs here. As Secretary of State for Transport, I am committed to investing record amounts in infrastructure, connecting northern places together and growing the economy sustainably. We are going to electrify the Hull to Selby line after years of campaigning by so many people; we are going to build HS3 so it doesn’t take longer to go from Hull to Liverpool than it does to go from London to Paris; and we are finally going to invest in our buses again so we can all travel easily, affordable, and sustainably. But only by voting Labour can you ensure this investment in the northern economy happens.

To a third, Ms Hollens said:

“The investment in Hull by Siemens to make wind turbines is fantastic news. It will create new jobs, new opportunities, and new investment in our community. But Labour is determined the renewable energy good news doesn’t stop here. We are committed to enabling billions more to be invested in green energy by the Green Investment Bank, and to encourage more low and zero emission vehicles to be built and bought in Britain. This will create new opportunities for places like to Hull to lead the way in the green revolution and reap the benefits too.  But this can only be done by voting Labour in the forthcoming Senate elections; a vote for any other party is a vote for delay and dysfunction.”

Emma Hollens
MP for Hull North (2010 - )

Parliamentary - 7
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Policy - 13

General Goose
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24/07/2019 9:38 pm  

Leaflet in lieu of mainstreeting: 

The front of the leaflet is a list that reads “12 reasons to vote Liberal Democrat”, flanked by pictures of local candidates and topped off with the Lib Dem logo. The list reads as follows:

  1. Political Reform and Ending Broken Two-Party Politics
  2. Devolution Settlements that Give Power to the People
  3. Committed Community Champions
  4. Equal Rights and Civil Liberties
  5. Tackling Burning Injustices
  6. Better Funded Public Services
  7. Higher Police Numbers
  8. Smart and Ethical Foreign Policy
  9. Investment, Not Austerity
  10. An Entrepreneurial and Inclusive Economy
  11. Fiscal Responsibility
  12. Getting Things Done Even When Politics is at its worst

The back page of the leaflet is divided into two halves: the first half, with Lib Dem colours, chronicles some of the Lib Dem achievements in government, with handy icons denoting the subject (such as wedding bells for equal marriage), while the other half, in dark and foreboding blues, covers the recent Conservative record. 

In the Lib Dem side of the page: 

  • VOTES AT 16

On the Conservative side of the page: 


Beneath this, a by-line, yellow text against a black strip, reads “WHEN POLITICS IS AT ITS WORST, THE LIB DEMS GET STUFF DONE.” 

At the bottom of the page there is both the legally required text and a form that can be cut out, allowing the recipient to get in touch with the candidate, either to discuss issues, to request GOTV assistance, or to offer support.

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
Deputy Prime Minister
Liberal Democrat Leader
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Technology

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