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Labour Relations Reform Act of 2015  


Sylviane Jaubert
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26/06/2019 1:48 pm  

Mr.Speaker, today we are introducing the Labour Relations Reform Act. For far too long rights of unions and union membership has been curbed down deeply and at best restored in minimal levels, leading to a general erosion of rights. Today we are restoring most significant rights back, fighting the erosion and presenting a positive advancement for workers rights in quite some time. I’d like to thank Member for Glasgow North East for her vigorous fight and advocacy for these policies and for her contributions. Without Member for Glasgow North East, I am not sure we would be presenting this act today.

Sylviane Jaubert MP
MP for Cynon Valley

Formerly as The Rt Hon Ariadne "Ari" Suchet MP
Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party

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