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06/07/2019 1:36 am  

1. Campaigning will be held over two days. No polling will be released during the campaign period.

2. Characters will have free usage of a Press Cycle devoted to these by-elections - as always, quality over quantity will be emphasized and encouraged.

3. Every day, players may submit a Main Street summary targeted towards one constituency, giving talking points for that day's campaign.

4. The Admins will endeavor to host a cross-party media event during or right before the campaign.

5. Parties will have two billboards for all the constituencies (so a general billboard) and one leaflet a day per constituency to go along with the Main Streeting.

a. If no one from a party does a Main Street in a constituency on a particular day, they may post a leaflet to be sent out in the mail with less effectiveness.

b. The billboards must be posted on the boards by the Party Leader or their designee.

c. Billboards and leaflets will not be graded on the quality of graphics (so if you want to type it out, go right ahead)

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