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Anita Redmond Visit to Moorland, Somerset*  


Anita Redmond
MP for North Somerset
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09/03/2019 12:32 pm  

Anita Remond MP visits flooded village of Moorland with Local MP Ian Liddle-Grainger 

*Permission from Steve


I'd like to thank Ian for allowing me to join him on his walkabout today; I lived in Moorland for many years and to see the devastation is heartbreaking. 

It is without a doubt a lack of maintenance which has led to this situation; for years many have been calling for the dredging of the rivers and rhynes around here, and I am bitterly disappointed that this has fallen on deaf ears over successive years. I cannot express how sad I am for those who have lost their homes, personal effects, and communities - but let's be positive; the sense of community has never been stronger, and the issue now must take national prominence.

There has to be immediate relief for the affected community, and urgent action to sort the silt build up in the rivers and rhynes. There is natural flooding across the Somerset levels; there always has been - flood 'defences' per se, are not the answer. It is without a doubt that the local pumping station needs upgrading, and significant funding for infrastructure. The Government must support the local authorities to be able to afford this - we cannot have a repeat. Dredging is the natural solution, and as many people will know, there are many new and innovative methods to dredge effectively without damaging the local ecosystem - I strongly advocate this and would urge the Government and Local Authority to take action to enable it.

I am very pleased that in response to our efforts, the Government have met with local authority leaders from Somerset County and Sedgemoor District Councils, and announced a £500million budget for flood prevention & defence, as well as £100million for relief and repair. Our communities must not be forgotten, or ignored; I am pleased that the Government will not be doing either. But the action to prevent this occurring again must be decisive and accurate, and I hope that consultation will be extensive, working hand in hand with not only local authorities, but the local action groups and communities to address this long-term, and I, along with Ian, will do what we can to help.

Rt. Hon. Anita Redmond MP
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15/03/2019 12:46 pm  

So, I'll go into this more in the related press cycle - but it strongly applies to this speech. The government being paralysed while this is happening is not a good luck, but with Mac inviting council leaders over and listening to them, as well as Redmond's visit and your press offensive on this the government has looked really good and really responsive, despite all the barriers in their way. The people of Somerset, even the non Tory ones (do they exist?) will feel that the government is listening and acting in their best interests, so well done to the entire Tory Party on their response.

+1 policy xp, Anita Redmond.