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Cambel Speech - Taxpayers' Alliance  


Samantha Ryan
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17/02/2019 7:36 pm  

Mary Cambel, Conservative leadership candidate, gave a speech about the economy to grassroots activists at a Taxpayers’ Alliance Event.

“Good afternoon - thank you all for coming today.

I would like to start by paying tribute to the Prime Minister, whos leadership has led this party out of the wilderness of opposition, and into government as the champions of economic credibility and social fairness. Three years ago we took the helm of a nation torpedoed by Labour’s deep inability to accept that throwing more money at a problem doesn’t fix it. In the time since we’ve achieved a great deal - the economy is now growing strongly, unemployment is falling, and the deficit is falling fast. It is this story of success so far that I want to carry on and continue. The British people win when the economy works - I want to ensure that it supports everyone in our country. My economic platform has taken the very best from our 2010 election manifesto, the policies we know can, and have, worked, and updated it for a situation that is always changing.

But I know that achieving a lot, in terms of economic stability, can often seem a distant success for many people in our country, one which may not directly benefit their livelihoods. I believe we need to be publicly offering more in terms of the direct correlation between Britain’s successes, and the bank balances of the hardworking taxpayers. When we were elected, it was on a platform that we were all in it together. We’ve taken many tough choices hand in hand with the British people, and they should be resoundingly applauded for it, and so we should be using our ability, as an effective government, to reward them with a larger share of the pay cheques they work day in day out for. I firmly believe that the strengthening economy we preside over should come with increased financial liberalisation in terms of the taxpayers wallets.

This is why i’ve championed tax reform in my leadership platform. As leader, and Prime Minister, I will carry through what Cameron and Osborne started - a revolution in tax freezes and reductions. Government exists to offer something to everyone, and that message is at the core of this tax burden reduction agenda. The first budget by a Cambel government will immediately reject any potential rises in income tax, and guarantee that no band will see a rise in tax rate for two years. By locking tax rates, we’ll be giving tens of millions greater financial forward planning, and in turn give consumers greater confidence to spend what they rightfully earn.

But a Cambel government will do more than blanket measures, and we know that different groups in our country needs different types of specific policy targeting. To particularly help those on lower incomes, i’ve pledged to increase the personal allowance to £10,650 by 2015, which will go a long way to take the lowest earners out of the income tax bands. To help those are self employed, i’ve pledged to cut the National Insurance contribution from 9% to 7.5%, giving increased flexibility and assurances to those who take that leap to set up their own businesses. To help those planning on getting married, or to enter into a civil partnership, i’ve pledged to carry through the Marriage and Civil Partnership Allowance, which will launch in 2015, and take hundreds of pounds off the tax bill of many households.

To foster a prosperous economy, we must also look to boost employment, and aid business growth. I believe there is a simple dual solution, which can help our economy to continue growing year on year. I have proposed, and pledged, an immediate 3% cut to the Main Rate of Corporation Tax, and a 2% cut to the Small Profits Rate. Evidence has always shown that increased access to profit capital leads businesses and business leaders to reinvest in their companies, resulting in scale growth, and rising employment. We are believers in the free market, and we know that it is the best method for creating long term employment opportunities, so let's commit to it and let British business do what British business does best - create jobs, and provide good livelihoods for millions of Brits.

I am more than aware, however, that these pledges must be balanced by the fiscal stability that we Tories are known for. Nobody wants a return to Labour’s crash, or the rising unemployment and falling living standards that they then pioneered. I am absolutely, and resolutely, committed to continuing our economic policy of balancing the books, and eliminating the deficit entirely. I therefore pledge to eradicate the deficit by 2018. It is unsurprising to me that some have sought to undermine our platform, by trying to build this alternate picture that it is built without economic sensibilities, or a way to pay for it. But nothing is further from the truth. Make no mistake, and I will say it plainly for those who have nothing else to do but than grapple onto: I will take tough decisions, and I will take decisions that do not always end in victory parades - but my platform will balance the budget rain or shine.

We will find efficiency savings in all government departments, which will save £3.5bn in the first year alone, right off the bat. We will similarly ask most departments to find savings, through the scrapping of low value, and low importance, programmes. This will mean asking almost all departments to cut spending next year by at least an additional 2% above the original timescale set out in 2010. In government, we will look to analyse in full the benefits of schemes like HS2, which offer little real value when compared to their costs. Closing the deficit once and for all must also mean that extra tax revenue is found, and so we will look to eradicate tax avoidance, raising somewhere in the region of £10bn. There is a myth being propagated that we will seek to fund our platform through stealth taxes - i’ve shown that such a move is just not necessary.

I believe with all my heart that Britain is on the right track. With the deficit falling, employment on the rise, and the economy growing healthily, the last three years have proven that our 2010 manifesto works in practise, not just on paper. My platform is an extension of this, and looks into the long term, with a commitment to policies that will carry us from coalition to majority government at the next election. I want an economy that is stable, liberal, and beneficial for all Brits. My platform offers exactly that. It is about us, together - the politicians and the people - working hand in hand to deliver for all. We have come a long way, and the difficult choices are beginning to pay off.

Thank you very much.”

MP for Brighton Pavilion (2014-Present)

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21/02/2019 5:39 pm  

Leadership campaign already done so you have a vague idea how this went. You play to the audience quiet well - even if it doesn't add up, lower taxes, and it is the taxpayers alliance... what's not to love, right?