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Downing Street Statement  


Samantha Ryan
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19/02/2019 3:14 pm  

Mary Cambel - Downing Street Statement


"I have been to Buckingham Palace, and Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to form a government. I have accepted.

It is an honour to stand before the country I love, as its Prime Minister.

Similarly, it is a privilege to follow on from David Cameron. In three years, he succeeded in achieving what all governments seek to do: change the lives of all people in this country for the better. Rich or poor, black or white, old or young, whoever you are, wherever you come from - this has been, and will continue to be, a government for you.

But looking forward, our country needs to think big, and to be bold. Challenges will come, and challenges will go, I have no doubts about that, but it is together that we will get through the thick and the thin, the good and the bad.

This can only happen with a strong government. The last three years of coalition administration has yielded decisive and effective leadership, during times where there has been little alternative. It is my intention that the progress we have made continues.

I first came into politics to make a difference - to stand up, be counted, and fight for the country, the people, and the values I believe in. It is on this basis that my government will act. It is the values of democracy, freedom, respect and compassion that makes us British, and makes Britain great. I will not forget that for one moment.

In pioneering the future, I want us, all of us, to play a part in shaping Britain. A government that cannot listen is a government that cannot work. In this, the age of reform, government must take contributions from all aspects of society, and listen with open ears to the issues that it can solve. I want a fairer kind of politics. Westminster can no longer be the bubble of ‘old boy’s’ media circles, and must become one that reacts to right the very real injustices, failures and challenges that face so many people in this country.

This is therefore my contract with you: the British people. To you all, I simply say this - hold me to account, and hold my government to account, challenge us if you think we have it wrong. We are here to carry out the tough duty you have entrusted us with. Make sure we are doing it to our fullest. We will not let you down.

Thank you."

MP for Brighton Pavilion (2014-Present)

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22/02/2019 2:45 am  

Labour are right. There's not much here. They're also wrong - there doesn't really need to be: this speech is the public's first impression of you so it's important you don't screw up, but you'll have plenty of other and better opportunities to curry favour.

This speech was generic, but it was a decent enough overture to the general public who are looking at you distrustfully and skeptically. That said, welcoming scrutiny and criticism is a pretty weird reverse psychology that can probably have some people a bit more keen to give you the benefit of the doubt. On the flipside, you're giving your opposition ammo and asking them to shoot... "well, you asked me to..."