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Press Cycle 17 - By...

Press Cycle 17 - By-elections in Luton South and Cities of London and Westminster  


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28/04/2019 6:55 pm  

"Why should voters choose your party?"

Open until 23:59 on 2 May.

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30/04/2019 1:54 pm  

Luton South should vote for the Conservative Party because the Conservative Party is best placed to support Luton South. Our apprenticeships plan will provide jobs, training, and on the job learning to over three million people nationwide including in this fair constituency. Apprenticeships in manufacturing for example will revitalise the Luton of old providing a competent and ever improving workforce for the likes of Vauxhall Motors whilst more administrative apprenticeships will provide strong workforce candidates for the likes of TUI, EasyJet and AstraZeneca.

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01/05/2019 9:43 pm  

It was the Labour Party that built the NHS in 1948, It was the Labour Party that saved the NHS in 1997, and it is the Labour Party that is strengthing the NHS for the future. Healthcare is about checking wounds, not wallets. The Labour Party has set out a budget that delivers the highest real terms increase in spending since we were last in power. The Labour Party is the party of belief in Britain, we invest in the British people because we believe in the British people. Whilst Tory cuts have ravaged communities across this country, the Labour Party isn't about setting down dividers, or enforcing conflict between regions, but about bringing Society together, to build one stronger nation under a single united message; not one left behind. Our budget delivers on a better Britain built to ensure we all advance together, not harming some to help the others but to help all. The clear choice is Labour, building and believing in Britain or Conservative, calamitous and crazed by cuts.

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02/05/2019 10:58 pm  

Voters in Luton South and the Cities of London and Westminster deserve a strong Liberal Democrat representative. We represent sensible, moderate, evidence-based politics - the politics of reform and progress. The Conservatives represent a divisive approach, peddling conspiracy theories and calling for a policy that may take us out of the European Union without a plan. They represent the flip-flops of Dylan Macmillan - who has flip-flopped on issues from constitutional reform to the relationship with Europe so essential to London's pioneering economy. They represent the scandals of the Cambel-Saxon era. They have forgotten the principles of One Nation Toryism, forgotten how to work constructively, and are letting down the people of Britain. Send them a message.


Finance is a big player in the economy of the Cities of London and Westminster, and though the Liberal Democrats are honest and forthright about our efforts to ensure the banking sector is sustainable and stable, we also recognise it is a major economic success story. The Liberal Democrats adopt a collaborative, rather than confrontational, approach. That is why our manifesto has the most comprehensive plan to ensure the long-term profitability of our financial sector, including new ecosystems and regulatory frameworks to promote fintech and new financial products to promote green and regional investment goals. We will also invest in cybersecurity, an especially important issue for finance, and unlike the Tories will protect our leading place within Europe. Maintaining London's financial status is of the utmost priority.


In our manifesto the Liberal Democrats had by far the best plan for creating the innovative 21st century economy and putting the United Kingdom at the global forefront of that. We campaigned for - and have already secured - investments in the cutting edge technologies and the green enterprises that will define the future of the economies of both London and Luton. Through our capital spending investments, we are making up for decades of negligence in providing the needed funding for innovative businesses, housing developments, and new infrastructure projects. Electing a Liberal Democrat MP will support and build upon these accomplishments.


Transport is of course an incredibly important issue for life in London. Our public transport network really does serve as the arteries of the city. We have provided substantial capital investment in infrastructure schemes throughout the nation, laying the groundwork for more substantial projects and repairs going forward. We also have a substantial program for improving public transport in our manifesto, one accepted within the coalition agreement. Our plan includes more rights for rail passengers, more access for disabled passengers, more investment in buses and cycling, and prioritising the roll out of night-time tube services.


The Liberal Democrats are a party committed towards sustainable and forward-thinking policy on the environment, taking our duty as environmental stewards seriously. We have already built up a strong record on government - opposing Heathrow expansion, promoting a shift towards taxing pollution, creating a green stimulus fund in the newest budget and establishing new regulations and a Green Investment Bank in the last government. We are committed to cross-party work to provide for a solution to the pressing challenges such as climate change and air pollution, have led the way in policy discussions here, and with the support of voters in both Luton South and the Cities of London and Westminster, we can do even more.


The Liberal Democrats have, by far, the most comprehensive housing vision of any party, and we are already working to achieve this vision in government. We have laid out bold reforms of planning laws, bold plans to incentivise further private homebuilding and support further local council homebuilding, and by establishing a Housing and Infrastructure Development Bank, we have set in stone a great new programme to build new communities and radically improve existing ones. One area that will be especially helped by our homebuilding policy is Luton. Our plans to strengthen the Duty to Cooperate will help communities like Luton who may need to work outside their boundaries to meet local housing need.


The Liberal Democrats are the champions of liberal values within UK politics and voters in both Luton South and the Cities of London and Westminster will, in electing Liberal Democrat representatives, find champions of the causes of a decent, progressive and inclusive society. Liberal Democrats are steadfast defenders of civil liberties and secured equal marriage in the last government. We are long-time advocates of effective evidence-based crime policies that keep people safe, unwavering supporters of evidence-based drug policies that treat drug use as a public health concern, and leading the fights on promoting mental health, the rights of refugees, and ending the national scandal of rough sleeping.

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