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Press Cycle 21 - So...

Press Cycle 21 - Sony Hack  


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19/05/2019 6:26 pm  

Following claims by the US that North Korea was responsible for the Sony Pictures hack, what should be done?


Closes 24/05/19 at 11.59pm



Steven Andrews
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20/05/2019 1:49 am  

"Well, I think the first thing we should all do is buy a ticket to see that movie...I don't care if it is a great film or an atrocious film, when a country breaks international norms like this the first thing we should do is slap them in the face as hard as possible, and the best way you can do that is to see this movie.  Make it successful enough they want to make a sequel.

"With that being said, I believe this incident highlights the need for better cooperation between our friends in the world concerning defending their infrastructure.  Notwithstanding the possibility that somebody at Sony just screwed up or that this was an inside job...the sorts of human errors that will never go away entirely...the risks of hacks from behind sovereign borders are a real risk to the future and we can all be thankful that those jerks chose to harass an entertainment company rather than knock out a power grid."

Steven Andrews, MP for Croydon South

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20/05/2019 6:48 pm  

North Korea's actions against private companies and private citizens is frankly unacceptable and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. It is absolutely essential that the Government works with international partners to safeguard the West and our own citizens from this sort of gross invasion of privacy. The Conservative Party stand ready to support the Government to build up our domestic defences and to build up international preparedness.

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William Croft
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22/05/2019 4:30 pm  

I believe it goes without saying that North Korea's illegal cyber attack against Sony Pictures is a serious affront to our American allies and the Western World on the whole. Aggression from a tyrannical despot must not go unanswered, and I stand fully behind our party leader Dylan Macmillan when he offers the Government our full support in responding to this attack. It is incumbent upon the Government to work with the United States and our other allies to ensure that North Korea, and all dictatorial regimes that seek to undermine democracy and liberty, are made acutely aware that this sort of aggression will never be permitted. I look forward to hearing from the Prime Minister and other relevant Government Ministers on how they plan to both bolster our cybersecurity capabilities and how they will work with the international community to respond to this attack. 

William Croft
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27/05/2019 11:43 pm  

Verdict: Conservative walkover.


The press runs extensively with the Conservative sound-bites in their coverage of the hack. Labour and Lib Dem voices are conspicuous by their absence.


+1 Media point each to Croft, Andrews and Macmillan