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Statement from the Leader of the Opposition  


Ariadne "Ari" Suchet
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12/03/2019 11:07 pm  

I am glad that the Prime Minister has realised what has been so obvious from the start. There is no credible majority for any government in this current parliament and I welcome his call of a fresh election which will allow every party to renew their mandates and present their visions for Britain. First things first, Labour will support the motion to dissolve the parliament under the Fixed-terms Parliament Act. There will be two stories on the Coalition side of this equation. The Prime Minister already started to shift the blame to the Liberal Democrats and Liberal Democrats in return start to shift the blame on the Prime Minister. I will not comment on accusations of dishonesty by the Liberal Democrats against the Prime Minister but irony of Liberal Democrats accusing someone with dishonesty they consider to accept under their whip around month ago is not lost on me.

Elections are presented to be about the Party Leaders, I have to say that is only part of the truth, elections are also about parties, their policies and their members of parliament. the Conservative Party has failed Britain in every aspect of this equation, Mary Cambel may have lied to the British Public and her own party, she was not alone when she did this. Michael Kirton has been implicated in the cover up and he is still a Conservative MP. The Conservative Party, even after Mary Cambel’s resignation, is still squabbling amongst itself, look at the party within, the GBC, and how has Conservative backbenchers speak about their own Prime Minister, with contempt, I wonder if some Conservative MPs still think Dylan Macmillan is an embarrassment. Conservative cuts have devastated Britain and they have left millions of Britain in despair. Dylan Macmillan made it very clear that he wants to run on continuation of Conservative policies, policies that have gutted our welfare system and forced growing numbers of people to rely on foodbanks, this is a disgrace and we do not accept this in the Labour party. The Conservatives have reduced number of police officers in our streets and people are less safe because of it. The Conservatives introduced the bedroom tax and people are less financially stable because of it. The Conservatives have increased the VAT and people are paying more for less because of it. It is very clear that their cuts are political choices not necessities, or why else would they have cut taxes for the highest earners, why would they have cut taxes on excessive profits? Now Conservatives will return to the public and say we want to cut more taxes, they won’t reveal how they will pay for it, they won’t explain why they are still pushing for spending cuts and pay freezes when they can cut taxes. Now, the Conservatives weren’t alone in these actions, they had partners in crime, the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats were complicit in all of these acts. The Liberal Democrats may act as if they did not back these policies but the public know the truth. The truth that, the Liberal Democrats backed the bedroom tax they now want to reverse it, dithering, yet they refuse to support reversing tuition fee increases that their leader voted against, dithering. The Liberal Democrats want to have their cake and dither with it too. Britain deserves better than a Tory government and the dithering Democrats who can not decide whether they are in, or out, or want to shake it all about!

Labour is the only party that offers stability and positive change. Labour is united behind a progressive future for Britain. We will not cut taxes for the rich and pay for it with cuts. We will combat Conservative cuts and we will invest more in our education system, health system and support system, we will provide the necessary funding so our police force protect our streets. We will reverse the bedroom tax and we will make sure to alleviate pains caused by the Coalition cuts. What we also offer is that a real change, one thing we know for sure is that continuity of the current government is not okay. Britain deserves better than anything the benches opposite may half-heartedly promise, Britain deserves better than petty feuds, backstabbing and infighting. Britain needs a party that will fight for them, not a party that will fight with themselves. Labour is ready to govern, Labour is ready to fight for this country and Labour is ready for this election.


Thank you.

The Rt Hon Ariadne "Ari" Suchet MP
Member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras
The Prime Minister
Leader of the Labour Party

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15/03/2019 1:19 pm  

I think this too was more confrontational than people were expecting and a more fleshed out vision as we go into the election - but I think it was clever to not make this Presidential like Macmillan did in his first speech: this is Labour vs the GBC is a very effective line to take.

What is ironic is that the GBC are not looked on particularly lightly by the British public, even if they're pushing out popular policy that creates a weak spot for you and for Dylan Macmillan. But they have a toxic reputation. They may have kicked Mary Cambel out, but she was a member, they were stuffed with allies who defended her until she seemed indefensible and who look like Macmillan naysayers before and after he was proven right. They have their slice of influence, but you've identified them as publicly toxic and gone for that weak spot - kudos for that.