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Statement from the Leader of the Opposition  


Ariadne "Ari" Suchet
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19/02/2019 8:06 pm  
In my first statement as the elected Labour Leader, I would like to thank the Labour movement for placing their trust in me. I will not betray the trust you have in me. I would also like to thank Juliet Manning and Emma Thornberry; these two women ran such inspiring and hopeful campaigns and it has been my honour to run alongside them. We had a positively spirited campaign with these two strong women which I believe reflects the best our party has to offer. My congratulations are offered to Ms Mary Cambel and Ms Meredith Hansen-Charles for their victories as well, for the first time in our history we have three strong and passionate women leading the three main parties. This sends a powerful message to the young girls out there, you can achieve whatever you want, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I wish Mary Cambel and Meredith Hansen-Charles the best of luck.
I am setting out a bold and positive vision for Britain, a Britain that works for everyone, not just the elite few. That is a vision that has wide reception inside the Labour party and with the British public, that vision will be my guiding star. What I also know is that the British public and people in the Labour movement want to be heard, we will be holding consultations, public meeting and other events to allow British public to make their voices heard. In this leadership election, I have pushed a broad vision for a Prosperous Britain, and I intended to carry out that vision. I can say today that this vision includes reduced class sizes to protect our children's learning, more and better equipped police on our streets and most fundamentally an economy that is built on people and for the people, but it does not end there, we will complete our vision with and for the British public. I will, and the Labour Party will, listen to the British public first to complete this vision for them. It’s time to regain the trust of the British People, we are the party of the British People, the Great British People. And we shall represent them, work for them and protect the British values that are so dear to us.

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22/02/2019 7:23 pm  

This was an opportunity to set out a stall for what you, the new Leader of the Labour Party believes in, and it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. The first bit on female candidates and leaders goes down well, and the pledge to listen is appreciated, but it would have been nice to hear a bit more about what you believe. Something you should think about for a future speech, perhaps?

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