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[Closed] MS-14: Counter-terrorism policy  


Eleanor Nerina
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12/07/2019 6:35 pm  

Mr Speaker,

With your permission I would like to make a short statement on the government’s plans for counter-terrorism policy in light of the Prime Minister’s recent statements to the House.

As I and others have said, the fight against terrorism and this new fight against Daesh represents a new challenge for our country and our security. Our security services continue to operate well and do an exemplary job of keeping us safe. And by and large, our counter-terrorism framework is working well and doing its job. Honourable members, and people across the country, can feel secure in a system and set of laws that are working to keep them safe.

However, there is always room for improvement, particularly in the face of new threats and enemies that adapt.With that in mind, I would like to set out how the government will approach this matter. But first let me emphasise that this is a cross-party and non-political issue, and therefore let me say that we will look at all times to be acting in the national interest and working across party lines to deliver sensible solutions. 

With that in mind, the government will shortly introduce legislation that will take immediate action to adapt current legislation to new realities, ensuring that the laws and frameworks that we have right now work in the face of the new challenges our security services are facing.. That legislation will seek - among other things - to clarify the law concerning the sharing of terrorist material online, take action to prevent British citizens entering areas such as Syria with the intent of joining or learning from terrorist groups, and strengthen security at our ports of entry and exit.

However, there are two fundamental areas where it is necessary for us to pause briefly and discuss proposals as a House, and to facilitate that we will publish a green paper setting out proposals for broader discussion and debate in this House and the country. The first will be on investigatory powers and how we ensure that we can keep pace with the shift in terrorist activity, recruitment, and planning online. The second will be on the community activity we undertake to prevent extremism in the United Kingdom from all groups. The CONTEST strategy is world leading, but it is also fair to say that we must look at these things through new lenses once in a while to ensure that they are working effectively and have the widest possible support from the communities that they seek to protect. These are both areas, Mr Speaker, that will no doubt invoke strong views and touch the very heart of fundamental questions about how we as a country respond to terrorism while maintaining the precious liberty is seeks to undermine.

I hope that this update is useful to the House, and I look forward to the productive input of honourable members on these matters in the coming weeks.

Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department
Labour MP for Brent North (2005 - )

Roger Brigham
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18/07/2019 12:22 am  

Madam Speaker,

First of all let me congratulate you for your election as the Speaker of this House.

Secondly, I’m glad to hear the honorable Secretary of Homeon this difficult issue, we the Opposition have proposals to fight terror, and as I said in previous speeches, the fight against terror is a national issue and not a party issue, so I strongly believe that Government and Opposition, as true Representatives of the British people, should work together to end with this threat.

Unfortunately, British people keep in their minds the horrible attacks in the London Underground in 2005, the United Kingdom has been repeatedly the target of terrorist attacks of different types, but recently, from Islamic Radical Terrorism, we received some news from terrorists that put our country in danger, and it’s the obligation of the representatives of the people to be ready for this challenge and guarantee freedom, democracy and security of our fellow citizens.

Sadly, with terrorism it’s never enough, and ve have to Update our national programs to fight terror with effectiveness, we can be proud of our men and women in uniform that protect us and our rights, but we must accompany them and their vindications, and give them what they need to fight terror in a form that we can defeat them.

This Opposition that today I have the honor to represent, will work on new legislation to defeat terror, whose main pillars will be the destruction of the economic power of terrorists, their capacity of recruitment, the improvement of the conditions and all the means that our security forces use to fight against terrorism, and also the improvement of our intelligence services, we will soon introduce this new legislation, and we will ask our fellow members to support it, our priority is to protect our people.

Security should be one of our main priorities, it’s an obligation for our politicians, security includes to prevent unnecessary risks for our people, it’s for this reason that we should focus our attention in activities that may generate those risks, the Honorable Secretary of State for the Home Department, as the whole Coalition, didn’t talk about an issue that is very important for this opposition, the fight against illegal immigration and the necessary means to guarantee that the refugees that enter to this country are not a danger for our national security, of course we have to be a nation of solidarity, but without forgetting our national security, real policies to fight terror must be accompanied by sensible immigration plans, because protecting the border is the first step to avoid terrorists to enter this country, and doing this we will also avoid them to indoctrinate our people.

Madam Speaker, we will be working on all these policies and soon we will debate them in this House, at the same time we hold our hand to the Government to work together for real policies that will crack down terrorists.

Roger Brigham
MP for Richmond Park

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Canadian AV A-team
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19/07/2019 4:10 pm  

Order, I thank the Secretary of State for her statement. The House will now move on to other business.

Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian AV