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[Closed] M1 - Energy Price Freeze  

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01/03/2019 10:28 pm  

Verdict: Narrow Conservative win, but good showing from Lib Dems & Labour

This was just a pre-game nugget, but I decided to mark this today just to remind people Parliament will be marked (and reward some of the effective players with xp) - I think this was similar to the press cycle: Labour made the good heart arguments, but the Tories made a better logical unpicking of the motion. Labour did some head arguments, but part of that was to concede to the Tories' arguments, so you may have lost the overall narrative. 

The Tories, or more adeptly the Lib Dems, parked into the heart territory much more effectively without ceding ground, though. However, the Tories did a passionate and effective takedown here. The public instinctively like this policy - anyone who tuned onto this debate was suddenly realising it may be more complicated, though. 

Hint: if you want an idea on how to park into your enemies' ground without conceding your own arguments, look at Dot Wainwright's contribution. If Labour was on the attack much more effectively like that, and not on the defence, they'd have probably won. That short contribution was a brilliant takedown and unpicking of the coalition narrative. It also shows quality>quantity - one small takedown is much better than long winded waffle. 

1 Parliamentary xp - Graham Adiputera

1 Parliamentary xp - Dot Wainwright

1 Parliamentary xp - Dylan Macmillan

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