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Asil Ediboglu (Labour | Ellesmere Port and Neston)  


Anthony Harte
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27/03/2019 2:41 pm  

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Asil Ediboglu is the naturalised son of Turkish Cypriot immigrants in the United Kingdom. His father worked at Merseyside shipyards while his mother stayed at home to raise Asil and his siblings. 

After completing his education, Asil was brought on first as an apprentice and then as a worker with Cammell Laird (the same employer as his father), and one of his first work experiences was campaigning against Cammell Laird's closure following the completion of a contract to build the Upholder-class submarines in 1993. It was here that he first experienced the strength of trade unions and got much of his political training from leaders such as Barry Williams, a noted communist. 

While continuing his career at the dockyards, Asil also got more involved with the GMB trade union and continued his education with a focus on finance to at as a sort of unofficial "financial adviser" to his co-workers (but of course never trying to do something that would get him in legal trouble of course). He also got involved in various political causes, almost all of them with an economic bent, working with local officials, with candidates for national office, in outreach campaigns, with the aim of making like a little easier and little better for Britain's workers.

In 2010, Asil was elected to Parliament- no doubt a surprise to even himself as he never saw himself as an MP- but he happened to be in the right constituency to actually be elected. He pretty quickly started working with Labour's Treasury team to build on his expertise and give him a solid background in larger financial and economic issues. 

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