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Brexit before the O...

[Closed] Brexit before the October 31st deadline?  


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17/05/2019 8:13 am  

So the news emanating out of the Conservative party today suggests that May will be stepping down in June, whether or not the Withdrawal passes on the 3rd June (which it is unlikely to do). Especially if she is defeated again, May is likely to go quickly, which leaves us with a Conservative Party leadership contest over the summer, and no real movement in Parliament before then. It also makes it more unlikely that the Conservatives will reach a deal with Labour, as there will be no real way to guarantee that the next leader doesn't just rip up whatever agreement is made.

The leadership contest will most likely focus around Brexit, and will probably offer several candidates who will court the grass-roots votes by promising to either get a better deal by renegotiating, or go for a No Deal exit. Already on R4's Today programme today, there was a Conservative MP confidently stating that the EU elections will lead to more right-wing MEPS being elected in the EU Parliament, which will make it likely that Europe will be more willing to offer the UK a better deal; I can imagine such wilful delusions being repeated and magnified all summer by most Tory leadership candidates. No matter who the Conservatives end up electing as new leader, nothing will then really happen in September, as they probably enjoy a jump in the polls, because the new leader will then be preparing for the Conservative Party conference on September 29th to October 2nd.

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17/05/2019 10:49 am  


This should go in the Red Lion forum, not here as it doesn’t relate to the game. Please post RL topics in the red lion in future