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[Sticky] Character Experience System  


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10/02/2019 7:49 pm  

In this round, we’re going to be removing party based momentum in favour of more qualitative feedback, but expanding the influence system into a more developed character experience system.We want players to have the opportunity in the game to develop and play a range of different characters and to progress those characters in whichever route they choose.


Through a combination of the choices you make at character creation, your actions in the game, and the positions you hold, you will accumulate experience in three areas:

  • Parliamentary experience
  • Media experience
  • Policy experience


You can choose to become an expert in one, or to generalise. For every 20 points of experience you have, you “level up”, from which you will receive benefits. Some of these are standard, i.e.:

  • Parliamentary experience - you accumulate more loyal MPs who will vote with you
  • Media experience - you accumulate twitter followers, so more people notice if you speak
  • Policy experience - your accumulate a following among “experts”, so your ideas will get more attention and you will get more frequent invites to discuss these (i.e. in the media)


After each specific “level up” you will get a specific one off reward:

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13/02/2019 11:21 pm  

Please can everyone have their current level (see the titles above) and points in their signature, and update them as you earn additional experience and levels? We will be strictly monitoring (so don't jump a sudden ten points), but that will mean we give people the credit they deserve. Thanks! It should look like this:

Parliamentary experience: Capable (42)

Media experience: Experienced (65)

Policy experience: Novice (21)

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12/01/2020 10:34 am  

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