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Dorothy "Dot" Wainwright (Labour)  


Dot Wainwright
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15/02/2019 7:20 pm

Dorothy Wainwright was born in 1981 to Alice Symonds (who taught English and Dramatic Arts at a comprehensive) and Peter Wainwright (a retired footballer who now teaches athletics for Lambeth council). At age 9, Dot won her first prize as a writer (£15 for winning a Times competition), and when she advanced to Brunel University to read economics, she brought a sizeable book of clippings with her.

While studying, Dot contributed to several student newspapers and launched a personal blog (Virago) which, over three years, grew to attract thousands of readers from around the world, and -- in her final year -- twice got her on the sofa of Channel 4's After Dark.

Upon graduation, she was offered a few inches in The Independent in exchange for consulting on their web presence. Within three years she was an Associated Editor for the digital edition, and had also graduated from the After Dark sofa to Newsnight's stiff-backed leatherette contraption. She would later move to The Observer, and into more general waters: she was notably critical of Identity Cards, and reliably had strong words on privacy and data breaches, but her writing dealt more and more often with gentrification, zero-hours contracts, austerity, and the cruelties of her favourite phenomenon: "Late-Stage Capitalism".

In 2008, she appeared on Question Time alongside the MP for East Ham. The two did not get along, culminating in a tart remark: "If you think you're so bloody clever and it's all so bloody easy, why are you writing a column instead of running the country?"

Private Eye picked up the exchange, and also published allegations that the MP had subsequently been overheard calling Dot an "unlovely, hatchet-faced dyke with all the warmth of my dead mother's [expletive]". In the aftermath, she launched a primarily-sarcastic campaign to have him deselected -- and succeeded, winning the nomination and, thereby, the extremely safe seat.

Dot has positioned herself on the "new left", advocating for expansion of the public sector, greater privacy protections in both the public and commercial spheres, and reducing the role of the profit motive in delivering government services. She has also been a noteworthy advocate for multiculturalism, affordable housing, and the elimination of tuition fees.

Dot lives in Lambeth with several housemates.

Dorothy "Dot" Wainwright, MP
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