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Grant Kingston  


Grant Kingston
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03/04/2019 11:16 pm  

Signing in to play for DA BLUE GUYS!


Grant Kingston -


Kingston was born into a middle class family. His family owned an entertainment business (originally a record store that grew into an HMV style entertainment store). Kingston went to university at Queen's in Belfast, part of the prestigious Russell Group, obtaining a First in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He then went straight into a career in politics as a political adviser to a Ulster Unionist Party MP, then moving back to England to be an adviser to a Conservative MP. He then was successful in getting elected to the first North Somerset Council, as a Conservative Candidate in 1996. In 2005, Kingston was chosen to stand as the Conservative Candidate for Weston-super-Mare, which he unseated the incumbent Lib Dem MP, Brian Cotter.

Grant Kingston MP

MP For Weston-super-Mare (2005-Present)

Former Councillor on the North Somerset Council (1996-2005)