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Press Cycle 03 - Palace of Westminster  


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03/08/2019 4:25 pm  

What should be done about the crumbling Palace of Westminster? Should MPs move out temporarily, or allow the work to be done around them? Perhaps Parliament should relocate permanently to the north or elsewhere?

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Faye Gallacher
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03/08/2019 5:19 pm  

I think whatever matters most is that we ensure that an iconic landmark with the cultural, political and historical significance such as the Palace of Westminster is maintained whilst taxpayers get value for money. The government will be exploring and balancing the options available to us with those priorities in mind, ensuring that we're decisive whilst making the most effective decisions.

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William (Will) Conway
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03/08/2019 5:47 pm  

The BBC has provided a public service by reporting on the poor condition of the Houses of Parliament.  While beautiful, the structures are aging and badly in need of massive renovations.  This presents a daunting task.  But it also presents a great opportunity.  We can learn from Germany's experience of Parliamentary renovation.  For several years in the 1980s, the Bundestag's original structure was in dire need of renovation.  The Bundestag therefore met for a number of years in the Waterworks building of Bonn, which served Germany's Parliament well as a temporary home.  Then, Reunification provided Germany with an amazing opportunity to return to the historic Reichstag, located in their historic capital, Berlin.  The Reichstag was massively renovated and modernized inside, while keeping its historic outer shell.  The result is a building that honors Germany's history while also being modern and up to date.  Of particular interest is the building's clean footprint:  it uses refined vegetable oil for fuel, and has reduced it's carbon footprint by 94% as opposed to using fossil fuels.  I believe we should keep our traditional Houses of Parliament, temporarily re-locate our MPs, and modernize the structures to be energy efficient and structurally sound.  

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Steven Andrews
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09/08/2019 4:36 pm  

"It means we should all..."

*looks up as he hears a creaking sound*



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