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Press Cycle 29 - Lo...

Press Cycle 29 - London Mayoral Primary Endorsements  


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24/06/2019 7:02 pm  

Who do you support for Mayor of London and why?

Closes on June 30 - characters may only post once to explain their endorsement.

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MP for North East Bedfordshire
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24/06/2019 7:06 pm  

Whomever wins the Conservative Party primary for the London Mayoralty the real winner will be London as a whole. Boris Johnson has served for the last 8 years with the utmost distinction and dedication proving that a Tory Mayor can bring down crime in the capital, provide better public services, and reduce your Council Tax whilst doing it. Whomever the Conservative candidate is will fight to uphold this legacy and add their own dash of brilliance to what has been a very successful 8 years, a vote for our candidate will be a vote to continue to push crime and taxes down whilst getting better value for money in local services for Londoners.

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William Croft
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24/06/2019 7:23 pm  

London is unquestionably better off today than it was 8 years ago, and that is due chiefly to the hard work and dedication of its mayor, Boris Johnson. All of the Conservative Party's candidates would make a great mayor, but I have decided to support James Cleverly because I believe he is most prepared to build on the success achieved by Boris.  His life has been one of dedicated, passionate public service. As a solider in the British Army, as a Member of the London Assembly, and as our party's leader in the Assembly. James understands that government works best when it serves the will of the people, and he will bring that mindset with him when he becomes London's next mayor. It is a pleasure to offer him my support, and I look forward to campaigning on his behalf during the election. 

William Croft
Member of Parliament for Bracknell
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Chairman of the Conservative Party
Chief Whip of the Conservative party

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24/06/2019 9:48 pm  

Tom Copley is best place to turn a page on 8 years of Tory rule, and using all the powers of the London Mayor to tackle the challenges facing the city. In less than four years, Tom has led the way in campaigning for affordable housing and against bad employment practices or ‘blacklisting’ in the construction industry. As Mayor, he can build on these campaigns to create a more inclusive economy, tackle poverty, support a fairer rental market, and help make London a greater place to live. I’m excited to see his plans, and I look forward to campaigning for him next year.

Emma Hollens
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William (Will) Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North
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25/06/2019 4:32 am  

I believe the Conservative Party has a strong list of candidates for Mayor of London.  Any one of them would be a great candidate in the election, and would serve with distinction just as Mayor Johnson has.

But of all the candidates, for me one stands out:  Syed Kamall.  The son of immigrants, whose father was a bus driver, Syed has excelled at everything he has done.  He has been handed nothing in life but got ahead through grit and determination.  He inherited not land, or money, or a title, but rather the bedrock values of hard work, patriotism, and faith.

He has worked to receive an outstanding education, receiving not only a university education, but a Ph.D.  He has been a strong and stalwart leader for Britain in the European Parliament.  Syed supports enterprise, individual initiative, and merit.  He has been active in interfaith discussions and has worked to bring people of different faiths together.  I believe Syed Kamall is uniquely situated to bring about unity between the races and the religions, and will govern London wisely and well.   As our capital changes, with different people moving in and becoming part of the glorious narrative of our capital.  Syed Kamall will guide its residents towards great things, and will serve our entire country well.  I am proud to endorse him for Mayor. 

Will Conway
MP for Milton Keynes North (2014- )
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy,
Environment and Climate Change (2016)

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Douglas Byrne
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25/06/2019 12:19 pm  

London is a great city, and has been made immeasurably greater by the eight years of diligent, committed and enthusiastic leadership that Boris Johnson has offered. It is a great pity indeed that Boris has chosen to stand aside, but fresh blood will mean that a new candidate can explore new opportunities for London and run City Hall with a new style.

For me, James Cleverly is the man with the vision and the experience to lead from the front. He is a patriot, a proud Londoner and a committed public servant who understands what it means to wear a uniform. In my view, he will help to build a freer, fairer and stronger London: and so I urge Conservative activists to Vote Cleverly.

Noah Murray
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26/06/2019 4:52 am  

It is clear after the bumbling administration of Boris Johnson, Londoners are ready for a change in party. I firmly believe that Labour is best poised to lead London forward, and I have full confidence in Sir Robin Wales and his ability to lead London forward. Sir Robin's extensive experience in local government - being Labour's first directly elected mayor - and his ability to deliver for Londoners are second to none. These two things, experience and ability, set Sir Robin Wales apart from the rest of the crowd. Sir Robin has led the effort to prevent abuses by landlords; in fact, his borough has prosecuted more landlords for violations than the rest of London combined! Sir Robin was critical to the success of the London Olympic Games; he has worked to expand housing and employment outcomes; he continues to champion the East End. All in all, Sir Robin Wales is the best choice for London's next mayor and I look forward to helping him win selection and ultimately, the election.

Noah Murray (LAB-West Ham)
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
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Arthur Walker
MP for Rotherham
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26/06/2019 5:54 am  

Serving and learning from Diane Abbot -  a leader who has spent her career as an activist and advocate for the oppressed and voiceless, breaking down barriers and fighting for economic and social justice - has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. Diane will channel the same spirit, compassion, and righteous indignation that has, for decades, guided her to fight tooth and claw for the outcast and left behind in Westminster in the role as London Mayor. Boris Johnson and the Tory Party have ravaged working communities in London in their shameless attempt to turn the city into a playpen for the globe's rich and powerful for far too long. Diane is uniquely positioned to shift the balance of power back toward working families and reclaim London as a city for the many who make it run, not an amusement park for the wealthy few, like the Tories envision. 

Arthur Walker
Labour MP For Rotherham (2014-Present)

Faye Gallacher
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26/06/2019 11:50 am  

For me, one thing captures the disastrous nature of Boris Johnson's tenure: after promising to eliminate rough sleeping in London, it dramatically rose under his tenure. He instead chose to  funnel crucial millions into multiple vanity projects such as the Garden Bridge that will never see the light of day instead.

I won't be making an official endorsement, but I remain optimistic as all of Labour's candidates are promising. They will all draw on a range of experiences, talents and views within our party and will deliver a well meaning change from the broken promises, wasted money and misplaced priorities of Johnson's Mayoralty. 

"[we] would rather die than leave the Labour Party." - Emily Thornberry.

Steven Andrews
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30/06/2019 8:49 pm  

First of all, I want to say that we have many great candidates who would do a solid job as Mayor and I would be happy to support any of them.  With that being said, I'm supporting James Cleverly for the Conservative nomination. It is hard for me to build on what my colleagues have said, but between his skills and life experience James Cleverly will make a great Mayor. He is also the candidate best-poisitioned to win the election, and as we all know, winning the election is the first part of being able to be a great Mayor.  But probably most importantly, James will have the courage to stand up for London just as Boris has.  Especially in the face of the chaos and unpredictability at Westminster, it is hard to underline how vital that is.

Steven Andrews, MP for Croydon South

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06/07/2019 7:44 pm  

This is a very "pat ourselves and our colleagues on the back" cycle, which makes it much harder to grade as there's no real argument. Ultimately, I'm calling this one a tie. Both major parties have successfully prepared themselves for a thrilling election in May.

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