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The Daily Mail  


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12/02/2019 4:07 pm  

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A middle-market tabloid newspaper. It is the UK's second biggest selling paper and is seen as the newspaper of choice for suburban middle England, expressing staunchly conservative editorial lines. Interestingly, it has a majority female readership.

General Election Endorsement 2010: Conservatives

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17/02/2019 11:55 pm  

For Britain's Sake Elect Cambel

The Conservative leadership election comes to a close very soon and while we would have liked to endorse Mr Calhoun he has sadly withdrawn. That means we must turn to the woman he endorsed. Mary Cambel has attempted, very admirably to provide a unifying platform for the Conservative Party to rally around, that is despite the noise caused by the controversies that have emerged during the whole leadership campaign. #BlueOnBlue didn't light up twitter for no reason after all.

Her two remaining competitors are certainly well intentioned and capable people, particularly Sir Jonathon Horncastle who hit upon some key issues with the EU as well as domestically. He has also provided an interesting series of policy ideas to MPs within the party that should he reach the final stage of the contest will endear him the many across the party. Despite this he lacks the willingness to really challenge the EU, beyond wanting to reach out to other governments, a strategy that will likely yield almost no substantial results.

Ms Carpenter is far too willing to pursue the worst excesses of Mr Cameron. While these views may have their place in the Conservative Party and in our political discourse overall, it is time for the Conservatives to go in a different direction. One which acknowledges the reality for many British people, that they want to have a say on their future and they want it soon. The prospect of having that say fades with Ms Carpenter and Sir Jonathon, who despite having their own critiques do not seem enthusiastic about taking on the Eurocrats that hold dominion over us.

Ms Cambel on the other hand has earned the endorsement of the only true eurosceptic in the contest and has committed to the best parts of the Coalition agreement. We wish she hadn't been cowed by the establishment on Grammar Schools, but as she grows into the role we remain assured she will face down the supine Liberal Democrats, who will fear annihilation more than coalition. She has committed to the reduction of non-EU migration, a decision that will protect our communities from the kind of rapid change and alienation that has been felt in many parts of the country.

With all this in mind, it simply must be Mary Cambel, otherwise Britain as we know and love it may forever be under the rule of Brussels and remain in limbo.

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02/03/2019 9:20 am  

What was the point?

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After just hours of strikes, the Government has folded and offered the FBU everything that they wanted in their pensions dispute with the government.

We won't be the only people in the country thinking - what was the point? If these concessions were so simple to make and the government was so willing to make them, why have we wasted so much taxpayers money resisting them and why have we allowed a vital public service to go on strike?

More importantly, where has the Tory Party's backbone gone?

We all know how this ends. It starts with what seem like reasonable demands that the government concedes to; but the next thing you know the dead are going unburied and the rubbish uncollected. The Conservatives were the party that brought militant trade unions to heel and now they're conceding to them left right and center. And to a union that is so radically socialist that it isn't even affiliated to Ari Suchet's Labour Party.

For now the firefighters are back at work and feeling very proud of themselves, but the government will surely have to show more mettle when their weak will leads to the council workers, the nurses, or even the police walking out. When that happens, let's hoe the unions' new best bud Croft is busy talking to the press rather than in the negotiating room.

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