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22 - Ebola  


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19/05/2019 6:27 pm  

Following the suspected case of Ebola in the UK, should we be worried?


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Steven Andrews
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21/05/2019 5:46 pm  

"No, I don't think we should be unduly worried.  Do we even know that the person in question has Ebola?  All I have heard so far is that it is a single suspected case, not confirmed.  Moreover, it looks like the proper authorities got to them before the risk of a mass exposure we have what sounds like a decent chance that this isn't Ebola, and a decent chance beyond that that the person didn't have a chance to infect anyone and that those at risk, for example fellow passengers, can be contacted in a timely manner if some sort of observation is necessary.  It sounds like the biggest risk from this to the public might well be getting fleeced out of a few quid by a catchy headline or an opportunistic quack.

"That being said, this is one of those areas where I expect that the government will keep the public informed as to developments.  We can deal with any post...any after-action reports and so on once we have the full view of how things were ultimately handled."

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21/05/2019 5:50 pm  

The important thing for everyone, MP or ordinary citizen, is to stay calm instead of give way to panic or hysteria because the emergency services are taking care of the situation. It is right that our emergency services take every precaution in this matter to reassure the public and I thank them for their service at this time. The Government must take, and it would appear have taken, the lead and initiative on this issue and I commend them for it. The Conservative Party will support the Government on this issue and work with them to prevent the wide scale spread of Ebola to our nation.

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28/05/2019 8:03 pm  

Verdict: strong Conservative victory

This is what happens when only one party participates. However, Andrews's statement was met with a good deal of disdain from the media and Twitterati.

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