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SP: Labour's alternative treaty
The setting and content of this speech are designed to establish Ruth Murphy as a Foreign Secretary in waiting. In this, Murphy succeeds and it marks another step in raising her public profile, something she has been doing in significant strides since being appointed to the role.

However, the alternative speech was criticised on Question Time by both Macmillan and Cardigan as being unworkable and a fantasy wish list. This criticism is picked up in the press, particularly amongst the kind of papers who have no desire to see Labour in office. Some also question whether Labour can actually achieve all they set out here when in office and neutral analysts note that such a programme will require a herculean effort akin to the government’s in the Rome negotiations. They say such effort has been done before of course but questions are raised about whether lightning strikes twice.

Regardless of these criticisms and questions, supporters of Labour and Murphy in particular point to this as a bold, coherent vision for what a Labour government would do on Europe, something that hasn’t been seen perhaps since the Wilson days. Murphy also succeeds in weaving in what seems to be her favourite pasttime these days, namely criticisms of Dylan Macmillan.

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