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The S*n
Former Education boss in bisexual swinger scandal

by Kelvin Mackenzie

Today, the Sun can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Euphemia Fournier-Macleod, the former Education Secretary under Marcus Drummond-Macbeath and Aubyn Myerscough, attended numerous BDSM and swinger parties across central London involving both men and women.

According to our Sun source, Fournier-Macleod, the married 37-year-old MP for Fulham, attended the secret sex parties with her husband. Photographs passed to the Sun (inset) show Mrs Fournier-Macleod in various compromising positions with both men and women and our source confirms Fournier-Macleod has always been a secret bisexual. 

The source also said that the former education chief considers herself a ‘domme’ (which, for pure of heart Sun readers, is their term for a dominant female) and that she frequently engages in bondage and sadomasochism with her many lovers. 

At the Sun, we think it’s a disgrace that a woman who not so long ago was in charge of our schools engages in such activities in private. We say it’s time for her former boss, the Prime Minister, to take swift action and remove the whip rather than let Mrs Fournier-Macleod continue to hold one in private!
Redgrave | A-Team

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