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MS 4 - Family Hubs
Mr. Speaker,

I thank the Honourable Lady for her statement to the House today. Of course, we haven't been informed anything in the House today that we had not already known, so what I am about to say may appear somewhat repetitive to Members across the House - although it is still important that it is said. 

This is a decent start the government has made in tackling inequalities across our society. Research has made it increasingly clear we need to intervene early if we are to most effectively reduce inequality and get better economic returns. That follows the principle - the funds the government has committed today will see less family breakdown, less health inequality and a better quality of life for so many of the most vulnerable people up and down the country. 

To that end Madam Speaker I look forward to seeing what the government outlines further with their Family Hub proposals.

However, Madam Speaker, the government is offering that - a decent start. We need to be honest that this is not a panacea. This won't end health inequality. This alone won't promote the interests of every child across Britain. Its a decent start, and I fear the government has immediately made it an end.

We need a full on strategy to combat health inequality and wider inequality - to reverse the damage this government made in the past 10 years. To up test scores. To reduce family breakdown, divorce and teenage pregnancy. To help create a happier, more prosperous Britain. Despite repeated questioning in the House, I still remain in doubt that the government lacks that plan.

The government must commit to expanding this programme. At present, it is limited. It must intervene earlier - my recommendation would be at pregnant, as Labour suggested when we outlined a 'strong start' scheme to provide nutrition and parenting advice to pregnant women in the most vulnerable years. And we know that while the priority has to be early intervention, the government cannot just cut and run as it has proposed today, especially as we know inequality scars children even should they prosper in later life. We must ensure we are repeatedly checking in on those children in later life, from cradle to grave, and tackling problems at their very roots - not tackling them and footing the bill to the taxpayer when they fester in our prisons, our health service or on our dole queues. 

But its early days Mr. Speaker, and the government has revealed very little. The opposition is eager to see more of these plans when they are outlined, and as always I remain ready to commend the government where it is right, and to critique it where it is wrong.

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