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PC12: Iraq again
The manner in which this rotten Government is treating the Iraq War as a childlike game featuring toy soldiers as opposed to an extremely complex situation that requires more than analysis on the fly is not only vile but will lead to disaster and an immense of amount of misery with consequences that I don't believe Dylan Macmillan, Aubyn Myerscough and every other Tory minister engaged in their imperial ego trip can comprehend. As the Shadow Foreign Secretary outlined so coherently in his speech, this Tory Government is so wrapped up in their colonial fantasies that they haven't even thought to develop a comprehensive plan to rebuild Iraq, haven't asked for an estimate of the bill, and paid not a second of consideration to the demographic and economic conditions on the ground - as evidenced by their inability to utter a single sentence about the future of Iraq's publicly owned firms which sustain the lives of and provide stability to millions and the assertion that two majority Sunni countries and Dylan Macmillan know more about the needs of the majority Shia Iraq than the Iraqi people do, themselves. Labour laid out simple principles when the Foreign Secretary curtly announced his adventure, principles that he has had plenty of time to ruminate on: that it adhere to stringent moral standards, that it have a legitimate basis in international cooperation, and that it be practicable. The Foreign Secretary's rant in the House today doesn't come close to any of those standards and like every other aspect of this rudderless Government appeared to be made up on the fly with no regard for the likely, and profound repercussions of such neo-colonial actions.
Tommy Dawson
MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Deputy Leader of Labour (1990-Present), Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 8 XP. Media Darling, Campaign Guru

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