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PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992
I've seen the platforms. I've looked at the candidates. This is not the time for Britain to cower as terrorists inflict horrors on our citizens. This is the time for level-headed leadership. This is the time for a leader that can protect our country and secure peace in Northern Ireland. I think the man to lead us is Will Croft. I trust him to be a man that will stand for democracy and the rule of law against those who seek to destroy both. He is a man committed to a future for Northern Ireland that is based on democratic and peaceful means. And he is a man acutely conscious of the strain that tackling the terrorist threat places on members of the security forces and on their families and will do what he can to support them. What we need now, more than ever, is a triumph of unity over division. Mr. Croft is the man for the hour and I hope you will join me in giving him your support in this leadership contest.
After speaking with a number of my colleagues - prospective leadership candidates and my fellow MPs in the No Turning Back Group - I knew that we would need a strong, Conservative leader who could guide our great Party, and indeed entire nation, through the next general election and into the following government. That is why I nominated Harry Saxon for Conservative Party leader. And the latest polling shows Mr. Saxon ahead of Mr. Macmillan by 5 point among Conservative Party members, and leading Mr. Croft by double-digits in that category. Mr. Saxon will be the man to carry out Countess Thatcher's legacy and deliver on an historic fourth term. And he won't compromise on our values to do so.
Who other than Dylan could possibly be the one to lead our party going forward? He is the continuation of Mr. Myerscough's popular and ambitious policy agenda, he is a man of experience and integrity and, most importantly, he is the only man in this race whom I believe possesses the qualities necessary to help secure us an historic new term in government. While Mr. Saxon has proven himself a traitor to the Conservative cause, and Mr. Croft has so little experience, Mr. Macmillan is a proven and trustworthy pair of hands in which our movement would be safe. I commend him to my fellow Conservative MPs and to the country at large.
My plan for income tax is very simple, less is more. If elected to lead the Conservative Party I will appoint a Chancellor who will enact a Double Lock for Income Tax ensuring that the personal allowance will rise by no less than inflation or earnings making sure that pay rises and the cost of living do not eat away at your pay check courtesy of the tax man. At the last budget this policy would have cost a further £1bn which in my opinion would be money well spent.

How do we solve an issue as complicated as youth crime? Crime is a direct result of poverty, when you reduce poverty you reduce crime, so we must tackle child and young-adult poverty to tackle the issue of youth crime. I have already outlined my plans to give every child the best possible start to adulthood through the Child Trust Fund Scheme which I would institute in my first Budget as Prime Minister, the plan would see children given £500 in a trust fund when they are born increasing to up to £2500 for the poorest children in the country. When it matures with 18yrs of compound interest it becomes an endowment for the young adult to give them the best possible start to their adult life. They could spend it on education, put it towards a house deposit, whatever they wish to do. But we must also protect the family unit to bring crime down. If elected to lead the Conservative Party I will expand maternity leave to 14 weeks and introduce two weeks of paid paternity leave to give the child the best possible start in life in a loving family surrounded by his or her parents. In later life I will make it easier for families to secure two incomes through a grant scheme that will pay out to schools who provide before and after school care or clubs to children whose parents both work. Only with a joined up approach to crime, education, and poverty will we eradicate youth crime on our streets, my platform provides just that joined up thinking where others just reheat pre-existing plans that are already in effect.
William Croft did make one good point in his recent speech: we have 100 days to convince the British public that we deserve an historic fourth consecutive term in government. With such a short time left to make our case to the British people, why should we start from scratch? Dylan Macmillan will carry on the legacy of our unfortunate Prime Minister, and continue to make the gains we need in order to secure continued governance. This leadership election places at stake a great many things: the economic gains won by the last 13 years of government, the future of Britain in Europe, and the continuation of our development of a cohesive society. William Croft would start us anew, Harry Saxon would completely reverse course, but Dylan Macmillan would carry on with the popular reforms that have so characterized our government these last years. That is our path to victory which, I don't need to tell you, is essential to our being able to affect positive change in our country.
I'm honored to have received endorsements from the Sun and the Telegraph, two critically important papers read by millions of British people across the country. My message resonates with their readers because it's a message of action: I want to use every one of the next 100 days to put more money in your pockets, strengthen our national security, and defeat Labour's socialist agenda once and for all. The men and women who read these papers are my kind of people; hardworking Britons who are committed to providing a better life for their children than they had. That is the promise of Great Britain, the birthright of the British people. Our party must ensure, as we did so many years ago in 1979, that this country remains a place where the only thing that determines your success is your ability to work for it. I want to use the next 100 days to reignite that promise, and to show plainly to the British people what is really at stake if we allow Labour and their socialist masters to get their hands on the key to Number 10.
This press cycle closed on 23:59pm UK on 19th September.

As per usual practice, we do not lock expired threads but for avoidance of doubt, only submissions before the aforementioned time will be marked for this cycle.
Redgrave | A-Team
Why would this lock before the end of the campaign? This is one of the best places to campaign...
Yeah... that makes almost no sense at all.
The time limit for the press cycle was clearly advertised in the opening post and as per standard practice when it comes to press cycles, they are open for 72 hours.

There are plenty of other forums to campaign in and if you want a fresh press cycle about a certain development in the campaign, as has been the case with the Saxon resignation, then you are quite welcome to ask for one.

This one however is closed.
Redgrave | A-Team

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