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PC 3 - New Leadership
This country is crying out for one thing; leadership. The Labour Party are united in our shared values of social justice, equality, cooperation and fairness and in putting those values into policies, we are ensuring the public know that we are ready to serve. Labour has worked hard over the last few years at reviewing our policies to ensure they have the maximum positive impact possible on the lives of ordinary families in this country and I look forward to continuing to promote them.
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If the Labour Party is indeed united behind its current radical Marxist leadership, we should all be more than concerned. The Conservative Party firmly believes in sensible and principled leadership based on British values. We have got a healthy vision for the future, firmly rooted in our heritage.
Labour were on the backfoot a little here, but pulled out a solid defence of their direction by putting on a united front in support of their new leader - even if its moderate MPs haven't made much trouble to hide that they intend to hold the Leadership to the policy review. The Lib Dem contributions were probably the highest quality and forging a new centrist alternative to what many people observe as extremes.

Both Everly and Legolas made good contributions, but a bit more backup from their colleagues would have put on a united front like Labour displayed.

XP for Everly, Dawson, and Quinn.
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