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PC22: Opposition Impeachment Motion
What do you think about this latest parliamentary intrigue?

Closes 23:59pm UK on 19th Oct
Redgrave | A-Team
This isn't a vote of no confidence and it isn't a vote to impeach the Prime Minister. It is a vote that ensures we quickly get to the bottom of what has happened, though. The Prime Minister has been accused of grave crimes - and we must be honest that only he knows what had really happened. It is time he be transparent with the British public. If the Conservatives have nothing to hide, they will have no issue voting for this motion. 
This is a vote to get to the truth of this grave matter. If the Prime Minister has done nothing wrong, then I have every confidence that the Select Committee will come to the truth of the matter and clear up this cloud of suspicion which has once again fallen upon yet another Prime Minister. If there are any credence to these allegations, then the British people likewise deserve to know the truth. This should not be a difficult or controversial vote or issue--we need to find the truth of these important events--and the establishment of a Select Committee will do just that. I call upon every Member of Parliament to do the right thing and support this common-sense motion so we can uncover the facts.
Labour MP for The Wrekin (1987-Present)

Biography | 3 XP | Constituency Appeal | Issue Champion (The Pound)
This motion is a plea for the truth, it is not about a no confidence vote nor impeaching the Prime Minister. While it is true that we have called for an election, we also believe in practicality and frankly we will not get an early election so we are making sure this parliament works the best way it can, searching for the truth. Holding the government accountable against corruption at the heart of the realm, in Home Secretary's own world, seeking the truth, and leaving no stone unturned, that is what we are seeking. I am glad to be working with Labour on this issue, I hope Conservatives and Referendum MPs can join us in our plea for accountability.
"If they're not guilty, they have nothing to fear" as Labour's main selling point behind this motion should be chilling; it's the sort of stance that leads to presumptions of guilt which is unacceptable no matter who is Prime Minister. The truth is what's important- and making sure that the truth is made out in a transparent in fair way is just as important.

I have my doubts as to what Labour really wants with this motion... the fact they have to come out first and tell you what this motion is not makes one wonder what their goal really is. No doubt the surprisingly strong representation of the Liberal Democrats is a part to get them on board with their clear desire. Politics in a system such as ours sometimes requires strange bedfellows But that said, it is important that we get the truth out so we can put to rest the conspiracy-level comments that were made about the Prime Minister's involvement. It is important that the Prime Minister has a fair chance to set the record straight rather than have to fight against speculation and hearsay- or even straight invention. THAT is why I support this motion- not because "only the innocent have nothing to fear," but because it's time to set the record straight and get the truth out. And I hope that the members of this Committee are guided by the quest for getting truth rather than trying to use it for some political advantage. I look forward to seeing what I already know: the accusations are baseless, that Mr. Croft merely engaged in perjury for a chance to get in the news, and that the Prime Minister is innocent of what he's been accused of in this case.
We already have a means in this country of determining whether a person, even a Prime Minister, has committed a crime; the criminal justice system. British justice is the best in the world, and is so because of its adherence to principles such as the rule of law and the right to due process.

Impeachment and bills of attainder have not been used for the better part of 200 years. They fell out of favour precisely because of their potential of abuse and the lack of due process. What we see now justifies why these procedures have fallen out of our constitutional processes. Instead of following the rule of law, Labour are amassing a jury of the Prime Minister's adversaries to give imprimatur to their belief of his guilt.

To discover the truth, we must all demonstrate our trust in Britain's great judicial institutions, not seek to circumvent them for partisan gain. We must leave the police and the courts to do their jobs, allowing them to conduct a thorough but expeditious investigation and deliver a just and impartial judgement on the facts.
At the heart of our Government is real corruption. Time and time again the Conservatives have proven they can't be trusted with this country. Our economy is in turmoil, our political system is in turmoil, and their own party is in turmoil. We don't just need to bring and end to this Government at the ballot box, we need to reform our whole rotten politics. The Liberal Democrats offer a chance to do politics differently - there is a reason why we have made sure to compromise and take part in cross-party efforts here. My message is clear - let's kick the Tories out of office and get enough Liberal Democrats in that the centre has a voice.
This is a new government, and I am a new Prime Minister. Under my leadership, we have seen some of the biggest rot shifted out. There is now zero tolerance for those that seek to undermine faith in the political system. I am a firm believer in accountability for ones actions – it's why I was the first Conservative MP to vote for the motion.

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