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MS 24 - Prime Ministerial Update on the Falklands
Mr Speaker,

The sun rose this morning over a British Falklands, as it always has - and it always will.

I rise today to update the House on the situation in the South Atlantic.

Yesterday, members of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force engaged Argentinian forces entering the exclusion zone that surrounds the Falklands Islands. Our forces also executed two bombing raids against two key Argentine air bases, which were being used to launch Exocet anti-ship missiles. A faultless execution was required to guarantee the safety of the Falkland Islands.

I am proud to say that our boys have achieved just that. We have crippled Argentina’s capacity to launch Exocet missiles against our ships, have obliterated their most valuable air bases, shot down their planes, and sunk their boats. We have inflicted 3,000 additional Argentinian casualties as a result of these operations. We have taught the Argentine junta just what happens when you try to mess with Britain.

I am saddened, however, to report to the House that six members of the Royal Air Force have been classified as missing in action. Whilst we hold out hope, it is increasingly likely that they have been killed. The families of these brave men have been informed of this news and I have met with them to relay the extreme loss that I am sure this House, and indeed this nation, feels. I would like to ask this House and the entire nation, to join in holding a minutes silence at midday for these men. This is the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, and they are heroes for the vital part they have played in keeping Britain safe.

I also report to the House that three members of the Royal Navy have been injured, and I would like to extend the well wishes of the House to them. We wish them a speedy recovery, and thank them for their service.

Mr Speaker, despite six tragic losses, it is clear that the efforts of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy have guaranteed the security of this Kingdom’s shores. They have achieved an unparalleled success. We have protected the integrity of Britain, kept British lives safe, and driven a stake through the heart of those that wish to falsely lay claim to our lands.

This has been made possible because we did not hesitate to act. I hope that the whole House will join me in dismissing those naysayers that said it couldn’t be done. I would like to thank the extraordinary members of our armed forces, for the job that they have done without flinching for a moment. Courage trumps all.

Mr Speaker, the Falklands are safe. Our intelligence suggests that there are no further Argentinian attacks planned. We are coordinating with the United States, NATO, Chile, and other regional allies, to bring about a long term plan for peace in the region.

Britain has stood tall, and proved that it is capable and willing to defend these shores at all costs. I am extremely pleased that our casualty count is lower than had been anticipated, and am glad that those prophesying a great disaster in this regard have been proven so clearly wrong. The safety of our boys has been paramount in these operations.

Yesterday, Mr Speaker, our boys in the Falklands fought off fascists. Today, they wake under British flags flying higher than ever. Argentina’s hopes of seizing the Falklands have been obliterated. Britain is whole. Fascism is defeated.
Mr. Speaker, I thank the Prime Minister for her update.

I join her in paying tribute to the six men who are missing in action. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for this nation that they, and for that, I pray that their souls may rest in the eternal peace of God.

The success of this mission should be a catalyst, Mr. Speaker. It is time for us, having once again proven our military might over that of Argentina, to deescalate the situation, come to a peaceful resolution, and ensure that no more lives are lost.

However, Mr. Speaker, I do have one brief question for the Prime Minister - were the 3,000 Argentinian casualties all military? Or were there civilians in that mix?
James McCrimmon
Leader of the Labour Party (1990-Present)
Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (1990-Present)

Member of Parliament for Glasgow Pollok (1970-Present)
Traits: Campaigning Guru, 2XP

Formerly Shadow Solicitor General (1972-1974), Attorney General (1974-1979), Shadow Attorney General (1979-1980), Shadow Health Sec (1981-1983), Shadow Environment Sec (1984-1987), Shadow Employment Sec (1987-1989), Shadow Social Security Sec (1989-1990)

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