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General Election Press Cycle
Tonight I have a message to all Britains: show up to the polls and vote. You've seen the polling. This election is closer than anyone thought. We are at the precipice of 5 more years of Disastrous Tory rule. The creation of an economy that helps the richest few, not the many who work hard in service to their community and country. What was thought to be unthinkable mere weeks ago is now a possible reality: a party that had multiple criminals in Cabinet, that has presided over the economic decline of the United Kingdom, and that has failed at every turn to serve the British people may be given 5 more years of Government. Fortunately, it's not the polls that have the final say--it's you, the British people--exercising your right to vote at the ballot box. This election could not be more important; do not sit it out. The Tories have had far too many chances to Govern responsibly and have consistently betrayed the trust of the British people. Whatever you do, show up to the polls and vote--vote for change--give you trust to a party that has a track record of serving the interests of the British people over all other considerations--vote Labour.
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Ruan Preston has talked a lot about fighting crime. What he doesn't mention is that, in order to fight crime as Home Secretary, one has to show up. And not showing up to do the task at hand is something Ruan Preston and James McCrimmon have in common. Bibi Lauria, on the other hand, has led the fight against corruption, working day in and day out to make sure that criminals in Westminster and Whitehall get prosecuted. That's a record of action.
Caroline Blakesley
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I’m confused. Why didn’t the Tory manifesto mention Wales or Scotland? Conservative and Unionist Party in name only I’m afraid.
Gruffydd Rhys Morrison MP
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The Conservative party never mentioned Wales nor Scotland anywhere in their manifesto. It should be as clear as day to anyone that the Tories are the party of England, and not of the whole UK. The Labour party has a clear and direct plan for self rule in Wales and Scotland. They should have local representation that fights for them, instead of a tory government that only cares when a problem affects England. 
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