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Her Majesty's Government: Lauria-Cardigan Ministry
Her Majesty's Goverment: Lauria-Cardigan Ministry
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, and Minister for the Civil Service Bibi Lauria
Deputy Prime Minister Alex Cardigan
First Secretary of State Alun David Williams
Chancellor of the Exchequer Victor Wolfe
Foreign Secretary Viscount Williams of Stanley
Home Secretary Caroline Blakesley
Secretary of State for Education and Employment Dr Vivian Rook
Secretary of State for Health David Mellor* (NPC - Ben)
Secretary of State for Defence Edward Winter
Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment Alexander Portela
Secretary of State for Nations and Regions Andrew Craven
Chief Whip Malcolm Rifkind* (NPC - Ben)
Leader of the House of Commons Alun David Williams
Chairman of the Conservative Party Alun David Williams
Minister for South Asia and the Pacific Julia Deighton

*(Obviously there are NPC Ministers within the Foreign Office for the other regions)
Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment Alun David Williams
First Secretary of State Edward Winter
Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment James MacBeath
Foreign Secretary James MacBeath
Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment William Summer

(Julia Deighton is no longer a minister as she's been signed out)
Secretary of State for Health Hugh Liddell-Grainger
The Viscount Williams of Stanley announces that he shall be occupying the office of Prime Minister for the foreseeable future.
G.B. Rutledge
Member of Parliament for Hampshire East
Conservative and Unionist Party
No Turning Back Group
President of the Selsdon Group

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