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GRM: Election Address
Mr Griff Rhys Morrison, newly elected Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, spoke to cameras outside of Labour Party HQ at Transport House.

"It is a great privilege to have been elected Leader of the Labour Party and to be taking up a new role as Leader of the Opposition.

I want to thank Ruan Preston for a challenging campaign  that was policy-focussed and centred around how our party can make a tangible difference in the lives of every person in this country. The election demonstrated that fundamental difference between our party and those in Government.

At the last election, the public sent us a very clear message. They liked much of what we were saying but they didn’t know if we were ready yet. They didn’t know if what we're saying could make a difference in their lives. They needed us to do more, so say more.

My first and biggest challenge as Labour Leader is now to prove to the public; we have listened to you. We will work tirelessly between now and the next time we go to the polls to lay out our stall clearly and passionately. Where we have said something the public don’t like, we will listen. Where you have agreed with us, we will stick by you to the end.

You wanted us to be louder.

This country cannot afford another decade of slashes to public services, rising unemployment, and eye-watering crime stats. People in Britain in 1992 should not have to face the indignity of being unable to house, feed or clothe their families and loved ones.

It is fundamentally unfair that some communities thrive while others suffer. That the privileged few gain all of the benefits while the most vulnerable in our society struggle to make ends meet is the great shame of our age.

Our hospitals have too few nurses, and not enough beds. Our schools have too large classes, and too little resources. Our dole queues are too long, our pay packets too short.

Labour is the party of the working people of this country. We are the party of jobs, of work, of public services. We're the party of founding the NHS, protecting our schools. Our values are British values; equality, justice, democracy, community, fairness.

We're fighting hard for the things we know can have the biggest impact on your lives. If you're out of work, we'll give you a job. If you're poorly paid, we'll give you a minimum wage. If you're ill we'll get you a good hospital. If you're pregnant, we'll build good schools for your children.

We will hold this Government to the fullest account for its actions. There's nowhere left for Bibi Lauria to hide. We will be there in Parliament to scrutinise, in the press to challenge, in public to question. The Labour Party won't just look inwardly at our books and theories, we will be out there and making sure what we say, is evidenced by what you need.

Every Minister who dodges a question, every piece of legislation they try to slip through, every injustice this Government tries to get away with; we will be there front and centre to shout them down and call them out. You wanted us to be louder, now hear us roar."
Gruffydd Rhys Morrison MP
Leader of the Labour Party
Member for Easington
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