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PC7 - Russia / Resignations / Scandal
It is a dark day for the Conservative Party and, consequently, for Britain. In the vacuum of Dame Thatcher's leadership, we have resolutely failed to live up to the expectations which we have earned from the British people these last eleven years. Still, the business of government goes on and, as Chief Whip, I take some degree of responsibility for not having foreseen and forestalled the various events which have derailed that business. As a party, we have let ourselves down; as a government, we have let our country down. Now, it is upon us to regroup, and soldier on. We have a war to win, an economy to correct, and many other issues which we must deal with. The time for bickering, backbiting, and other egregious and treasonous acts has long passed, if there ever was a time for them at all. Let us move forward, together, and do what needs to be done for the good of this country.
Well this was never going to be a good cycle for the Tories, but Labour's attack throughout this cycle was very effective: from Brown, Dawson, and Griff alike. All top notch PRs that stuck the knife in in rather different ways, only aided by the (sort of) friendly fire from William Croft. Dawson's cutting remarks linking this to the economic situation are probably the most effective. A comment from the Leader of the Opposition would probably have been a nice thing to have had, and would have made it even more of a rout.

XP for Brown, Dawson, and Griff
Steve | A-Team

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