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PC7 - Russia / Resignations / Scandal
Closes 30 June 23:59
Steve | A-Team
The British people deserve to hear the full truth about the scandalous and deadly events that have unfolded in the past several days. I daresay that this is perhaps the most incompetent Government in our Kingdom's history--and unfortunately this incompetence will not be fixed with installing a 3rd Tory PM in a year. It's time for a General Election to let the people sort out this mess.

Let's look at what the Tory Government has accomplished under the last PM: Zero passed Legislation. One botched bill. 3 Cabinet sackings. 1 Cabinet Member arrested. Actions that appear to have nearly brought us to the brink of war with Russia. It is clearly evident to everyone except the Tory Parliamentary Party that Conservatives no longer have the confidence of the British people to govern this nation effectively. The fact that they continue to duck from a general election shows that, privately, they understand this to be true also.
Labour MP for The Wrekin (1987-Present)

Biography | 2 XP
I am going to refrain from comments further until more concrete information is known, but in the mean time, I will say this. The British people deserve a Government that they can trust to lead our nation forward, not a Government plagued by uncertainty, infighting, and scandal. Since I was removed from the Conservative Party by the Prime Minister, my contention has been that the Conservatives are not doomed as a party, but plagued by ineffective leadership. I will always care for the party that was my political home for the entirety of my professional life, and I still believe that this situation can be salvaged. 

I simply implore my friends in the Conservative Party: vote for a leader with a proven track record of experience. Change is most definitely needed, but change that results in another untested Prime Minister will doom the party to repeat its past.
I am frankly speechless. This is national crisis and the Conservative Party, if they had any humility at all, would take things back to the people and allow a renewed Parliament to solve this. For me, with such failure, such scandal, such devastating crisis, there is only one solution - we need an early election, and we need new, better leadership. This is a total betrayal of the British public's trust in their governance, and we cannot go on like this. Britain should not be limping on, it should be leading the way - we need fresh elections and a renewed sense of purpose as a nation and as a Parliament.
I'd say that the Tory Government should be ashamed of itself for its "record" over the past four months but to be frank, I don't think they're capable of shame. In the midst of an economic recession created as a direct result of their failed economic project in which millions upon millions have been condemned to misery and despair, they've decided that their job is to pursue absurd and unrelatable personal vendettas against each other. While working people are forced to endure sleepless nights contemplating how they can scrape by in a rotten Tory society that has sold off our industry, gutted our public services, and knifed working communites, Tory Ministers are thrilled to go on the tele and explain why their clique is superior in an incomprehensible battle of personalities that offers no aid to those condemned to poverty,  unemployment, and precarity. To say the Tories are out of touch are an understatement and frankly, I'm ashamed to occupy the same chamber as them - they clearly haven't reflected a second on the pain and damage their programme has caused and never will, because they are proud of the wealth their banking and boss mates could accumulate as a result.

Their continued denial that a General Election is needed is mere further proof that they have lost any semblance of a grip on reality. They may be insulated from the contempt that working people hold them in while at the high society dinners they shuffle to and from, but they have lost any modicum of credibility that remained after allowing their economic project's manufactured recession to fester without a single bit of relief while engaging in a circus of tantrums and meaningless squabbling.
Tommy Dawson
MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Deputy Leader of Labour (1990-Present), Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 6 XP. Media Darling, Campaign Guru
After the death of a British diplomat in suspicious circumstances in the Soviet Union I have taken the temporary measure of recalling our ambassador for his own safety. I will be working with my counterpart in the Kremlin to work to a situation where British diplomatic staff can fee safe to return to work in Moscow.
Amidst all the chaos, the Prime Minister speaking on panorama tonight was in some ways, oddly comforting. How rare is it that we see a political leader speak relatively freely, and conversationally, like a human being with emotions, regrets, and beliefs - even in a fairly bizarre performance. The PM, or rather, former PM, is right to have resigned and taken accountability. I suspect if he had been part of a more transparent, open political system - the sort he dedicated his entire career to stopping - then, we wouldn't quite be in this mess. 
I am confident that now, our month long national nightmare has drawn to a close, and we will be able to restore trust in government, and in our system, after a month of disgrace. I am reluctant to comment on the ongoing proceedings out of fear of prejudicing the ongoing investigations and legal actions being taken, but the British public can be assured that as Home Secretary, I will continue to work with our security services to protect and defend this country from all threats and enemies, foreign or domestic. That being said, the resignation of the Prime Minister presents us with the chance for a fresh start. I will be voting for Dylan Macmillan. I supported him for leader in the election in November, and his capable leadership in dealing with the crisis in the Gulf makes me confident, more than ever, that he is the man for the moment and is capable of turning this party, and this government, around. But, whether it is Mr Macmillan or Mr Myerscough who become Prime Minister at the end of this, I urge them both: be the leader who restores dignity, integrity, and perhaps most importantly of all, transparency, to this office, and be the leader that makes this government trustworthy again.
There were too many questions over his credibility for Marcus Drummond-MacBeith to stay on as Prime Minister. His lack of judgement repeatedly, over appointments, over scandal in his Cabinet, over the culture of leaking in his Government, over the allegations on Russian spies; on conspiracy theories; there were simply too many errors and misjudgments that led back to him. The Conservatives must now accept that their credibility and integrity in office has evaporated and give the public what they deserve; a voice through a general election. 
Gruffydd Rhys Morrison MP
Labour and Cooperative
Shadow Foreign Secretary
Member for Easington
Biography  | XP: 4 | Traits: Safe pair of hands
A Member of Parliament that the Tory Government sought fit to appoint to a Great Office potentially committed treason. Seemingly every day for the past four months a Tory frontbencher has chosen to leak to the press in order to exact personal revenge in personal feuds that are wholly out of touch to ordinary people. Millions are out of work in a country maliciously robbed of its industry by a sordid, neoliberal economic project and every day more join their ranks in a spiraling Tory recession. Not a single policy has been unveiled in four months to offer those suffering in despair a single modicum of hope of recovery, instead amid anxious days and nights in precarity working people are forced to endure a sideshow of a Government that is more interested in doling out hereditary titles to the architects of misery and appearing in unhinged interviews than even providing a pretense of care for those struggling as the economy collapses.
Tommy Dawson
MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Deputy Leader of Labour (1990-Present), Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 6 XP. Media Darling, Campaign Guru

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