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PC9 - Shadow Budget
It's so interesting to hear Tommy Dawson pretend to care about "dispelling the spin," and then going on to spend the vast majority of his time in front of the cameras talking about the "dark days" of Thatcherism, the evil that is the Conservative Party, and this Communist Utopia they intend to create by the year 2000. While Red Tommy and the rest of his Labour Party are busy talking about what they hope to do ten years from now, the Government is committed to helping you and your family right now. Under this Conservative Government, the British people are getting a tax cut today. Hundreds of thousands of low income families are getting the financial assistance they need. Those who have recently loss their jobs are getting the help they deserve to get off the dole and find work. There is an incredibly sharp contrast between Labour's promise of some magical, far off future and the immediate support we are providing to the British people today. 

If Labour was proud of their budget they'd be talking about it, instead of talking about what they want to do in the 21st century. The fact of the matter is quite simple: their budget would leave working people less well off, and they know it.
Labour's shadow budget is designed with the working person in mind - we seek to reduce the barriers to having a good life. From scrapping the prescription charge, bus fares, and the poll tax, to raising taxes on the wealthiest in our society to expand our NHS, we want to make Britain a place where people want to live and thrive. This Shadow Budget is only the start - imagine what good we could do in Government.


What the Tories don't want you to think about is how their cuts have impacted your lives. This Budget and their subsequent attacks on our Shadow Budget are designed to distract from the fact they still, even if you include this budget, drastically cut the vital services that people need, like the NHS. Labour's Shadow Budget restores NHS funding to its pre-Thatcher levels, scraps the prescription charge, and seeks to expand access to the quality care they offer.
James McCrimmon
Leader of the Labour Party (1990-Present)
Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (1990-Present)

Member of Parliament for Glasgow Pollok (1970-Present)
Traits: Campaigning Guru, 2XP

Formerly Shadow Solicitor General (1972-1974), Attorney General (1974-1979), Shadow Attorney General (1979-1980), Shadow Health Sec (1981-1983), Shadow Environment Sec (1984-1987), Shadow Employment Sec (1987-1989), Shadow Social Security Sec (1989-1990)
For all their talk on cutting taxes, in their budget the Conservatives failed to get rid of the sickness tax. The prescription charge is the worst kind of tax: it burdens the middle class, targets the sick and undermines the principle of healthcare free at the point of use that we cherish. Instead of handing tax cuts to big corporations as the Conservatives have, the Labour Party know it is a priority to invest in you which is why we have scrapped the regressive sickness tax. An NHS free at the point of use for you and your family is what Labour created, and it is what Labour will fight for.
I would remind Mrs. Murphy that it was a Labour Government that created prescription charges, and every Labour Government since has continued to support them! If Mrs. Murphy and the rest of Labour want to have a serious discussion about the NHS, let's have it. And let's start that discussion by acknowledging that it has been 11 years of Conservative Government that have created the economic conditions that make it possible for us to invest record amounts in the NHS. Our budget continues this Government's commitment to back the NHS and keep it free at the point of use. That's why our budget increases the NHS' funding by 10%, it's why we're hiring more doctors and nurses, and it's why we're building more hospitals and clinics. 

The truth behind Mrs. Murphy's argument is that even after taking into account their decision to scrap the prescription charge, working people and working families are still significantly worse off under Labour's Shadow Budget. We know it, the British people know it, and deep down Labour knows it too.
Mr. Croft is misinformed. It was the subsequent Conservative government that introduced prescription charges. 

While he focuses on the battles of the past, I'm going to discuss who has stronger proposals for our NHS. The NHS is better off under the Shadow Budget with real record investments made and funding levels returned to pre Thatcher levels after a decade of Conservative underinvestment.  And unlike the Conservatives we'll make it clear who pays for it: not you, but the wealthy who need to contribute their fair share. 

In their budget by refusing to implement any tax rises or spending cuts at all, the Conservatives have put themselves in a fiscal straightjacket while still refusing to give the NHS the levels of funding it needs. Labour is clear: we'll ensure that there's a strong NHS for you and your family this year and in the longer term whilst always being transparent about how that's paid for.
It was the Labour Government, in 1949, that passed the NHS Amendment Act 1949 which enabled Governments to charge for prescriptions. Mrs. Murphy and the Labour Party may want to re-write their party's history, but the British people won't be fooled.

But I agree with Mrs. Murphy, let's talk about the present. Today, in the present, NHS funding has risen every single year since the Conservative Government took office, and will continue to rise this year by 10%. Today, we have a Government that is hiring more doctors, more nurses, and more staff. Today, we have a Government that is building more hospitals and clinics so that everyone has immediate access to the care they need. And today, because of our record investment, every British person who wants to be tested for HIV-AIDS can be tested. 

Labour's ruinous economic policies pushed our country to the brink, and the NHS was brought with it. The free-market policies that have enabled Britain to be the global economic powerhouse it is today has enabled us to pour more money into the NHS than ever before. Is more needed? Absolutely. But I can stand by our Government's record on the NHS with confidence, knowing we have safeguarded every British person's right to free healthcare at the point of use.
Are my ears deceiving me or is a senior Tory cabinet official making the claim that the "brilliant" Tory economic policies that brought us not one but two recessions - one of which millions have been condemned to suffer through right now which he would realize if he wasn't so focused on the sound of words coming out of his mouth - the "brilliant" Tory economic project that sold off our industry to speculators, that hollowed out our communities, and attempted to kill our public services with death by a thousand cuts have miraculously enabled the Tory budget to muster a sum for our NHS that is far less in relation to GDP than it was in 1975? I challenge him to use his turn-of-phrases that really describe deindustrialization, deregulation, and deunionization outside of his fancy, high society functions in a working community and see how that goes over. 

Fortunately, this Labour budget does much more than just pick-up the pieces from the dark days of the Tory economic project and its grotesque inequality. Our budget lays the groundwork for a just economy for the many as we head into the 21st Century with billions worth of investment in our good-job sustaining publicly owned firms, billions toward building good paying jobs in democratic workplaces where those who create the wealth are empowered, and with a massive increase in investment in regions hit hardest by the cruel political choice of deindustrialization. Our budget provides the bedrock for a fairer economy for the many by universalising bus services so that families don't have to sink their hard earned wages on getting to and from work and wherever else they want to go and by fully committing to Nye Bevan's dream of an NHS without a regressive sick tax. The Tories can act smug all they'd like, but Thatcherism has alienated and immiserated too many for too long for a budget that seeks to preserve its foundations to be taken seriously. Only Labour's budget offers a vision of a hopeful, equitable century. 
Tommy Dawson
MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Deputy Leader of Labour (1990-Present), Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 8 XP. Media Darling, Campaign Guru
While the Conservatives delude themselves into thinking that their two recessions and rising waiting lists have been good for the NHS, Labour is aware of the scale of the challenge within the NHS and is prepared to ensure the scale of our response matches it. 

We know years of forced pay restraint has completely demoralised NHS staff, leading to decreased retention, strikes and less productivity. Instead of talking to NHS staff, the government saw fit to ignore them, which has led to the closure of clinics and the increased waiting lists we've seen in the past decade. For all their talk of investing in Britons, we know the Tories have saw fit to leave NHS staff out. In Labour we know the Tories' measly pay rise is not enough, and we'll ensure we compensate and reward our doctors, nurses and NHS staff for the decade of sacrifice they have made with a 10% boost in wages. 
I don’t often quote a former Labour PM, but Harold Wilson said ‘to govern is to choose’, and it is clear that both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have made very different choices. Whereas Labour wants to spend £9 billion bailing out bankrupt businesses, the Conservative Government that I lead focuses on families: cutting their taxes, increasing family social security, and creating Family Hubs to provide support that will help 200,000 children in the first year. The Shadow Budget is a budget of bailout excess that will be paid for by families, now and tomorrow, with higher taxes.
The cheek of the Prime Minister is something to behold. I have never in my life seen a Prime Minister who comes from a party that markets itself as pro business boast that he is letting businesses fall because of this Tory created recession, but saying that those who'll lose their jobs and livelihoods should be grateful because they can at least get some family planning advice. 

I'm proud of the choices made in this Shadow Budget: that instead of letting businesses collapse due to this Tory created recession, taking jobs, wealth and opportunity out of communities up and down the country, we will ensure that they get that second chance whilst putting power in your hands in the process.
That to me is what being pro business is about, not giving handouts to the very biggest corporations and letting everybody else sink in the process.

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