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PC9 - Shadow Budget
If there ever is a good time for bailing out failed businesses and forcing tax hikes on the British people -- which there isn't -- it definitely isn't now when the economy needs a truly positive impulse and an investment-focused budget. The Conservative Party has offered a sound budget and a new vision for the country and Labour reäcts with something that doesn't seem to acknowledge the situation our economy finds itself in and the very basic principles of how the economy works.
A narrow Conservative win, but honestly it could have been a much bigger one had it not been for a strong performance by the Shadow Health Secretary on the area of the Shadow Budget and policy that resonates most with voters - the NHS.

A quick rundown:

- On the overall economic side of things, a narrow Conservative win, with particularly strong statements from the Chancellor, but the strongest statement of the bunch from the Shadow Chancellor - to actually win the Opposition needed to engage more in the debate and defend what was raised, not just state its point into a vacuum. 
- On health, a Labour win despite a decent set of statements from Croft - but some of your statements were a bit repetitive, and "we're investing less" isn't the best attack line.
- On defence, a missed opportunity for the Conservatives to dig into a clear open flank, with one fairly flat statement from the Foreign Secretary.

2 XP for Ruth Murphy, 1 XP for William Croft, and 1 XP for Isaac Westcott
Steve | A-Team

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