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Letter from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign to Dylan Macmillan
"Foreign Secretary,

In a statement to the press some months ago, you stated that you looked forward to “pan Liverpool dialogue.” As Members of Parliament across Liverpool and the Merseyside region, we write to you today hoping for you to deliver on this promise for the people of Liverpool when it comes to delivering justice for the 95 people across the city who had died in the tragic Hillsborough disaster and for the families of Tony Bland and Andrew Devine.

In a question put forward directly to the Prime Minister in the House of Commons before this, you conceded: “the coroner’s hearings into the Hillsborough disaster have arbitrarily decided to refuse to take evidence on any events that occurred after 3.15 PM.” You later made clear the Prime Minister “refused to answer my question” and that the inquest into the Hillsborough Disaster ignored “key evidence and testimony.”

We agree, and as Opposition Members we know that you hold a Great Office and have great influence over the issues of the day. We believe it is integral in the interest of your constituents that the government act by doing these two things:

• Having a full, independent inquiry on the events that occurred on the day of the 15th of April 1989, from start to finish, where the behaviour of the police are appropriately scrutinised.
• Have the government release all documentation related to the disaster, including documentation that has so far been deemed secret arbitrarily and therefore hidden from the public.

We look forward to hearing from you further,

• Joe Benton, Labour Member of Parliament for Bootle.
• Frank Field, Labour Member of Parliament for Birkenhead
• Sean Hughes, Labour Member of Parliament for Knowsley South
• George Howarth, Labour Member of Parliament for Knowsley North
• Eddie Loyden, Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Garston
• Robert Parry, Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Riverside
• Ruth Murphy, Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby
• Eric Heffer, Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Walton
• Gerry Bermingham, Labour Member of Parliament for St. Helen’s South
• John Evans, Labour Member of Parliament for St. Helen’s North
• Lynda Chalker, Conservative Member of Parliament for Wallasey
• The Hillsborough Justice Campaign"
A powerful and emotive letter that conveys the urgency of the matter at hand, bringing together a coalition of MPs and campaigners from across the city to push for more action on Hillsborough. The asks are clear and to the point whilst the tone is firm, suitably emphasising the need for the Foreign Secretary to use his senior position to advance the needs of the campaign along.

+1 XP and Issue Champion trait.
Redgrave | A-Team

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