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James Davies Speech to CLP Members in Birmingham
Birmingham Speech on Behalf of the James McCrimmon Leadership Election Team to CLP Members

“Hello Comrades and Friends,

I am here on behalf of the James McCrimmon for Leader Team, campaigning for a Labour Leader committed to our party’s values of equality and fairness in our society and a Leader that when he gets into Downing Street, will finally put people before privilege after over a decade of Cruel and Callous Conservative Rule.

Our working class communities have been systematically torn apart across this country, with the closures of the pits which crippled the incomes of many families and devastated so many people in our country. And then we have the poll tax which so many are, commendably, refusing to pay due to its unfairness. Those are just a few of very many examples of injustices and why the failed economic project of Thatcherism needs to go!

The Conservative Party have deliberately oppressed the working class, removed Trade Union rights to the extent where they can barely stand up for the workers properly and now we still see the economy fall. This is proof that the way we are doing things currently isn’t right, it isn’t working. We need a new vision for our party and our country!

So what we need is a Labour Party that is willing to stand up to the Conservatives, and to offer a true alternative to the Tories instead of signing up to Neoliberalism and, in doing so, betraying the values of the Labour Party. Some will say that ‘Success requires compromise’ but you don’t compromise your principles, because a politician or a political party without principles is a politician or a political party without a true purpose. We need to be brave, we need to be bold and we need to offer a real alternative to the Conservative Party and their program of pursuing profit for the few, while using the many as a device to achieve that profit.

We believe the workers should bear the fruit of their labour, but the Tories just simply do not care for the working class, all they care for is the rich few increasing their personal and keeping the political ruling class in power! James McCrimmon believes in collective prosperity and that our nation is only as rich as our most impoverished person, we are only as healthy as our most frail citizen. We don’t just believe in community and society. We believe in a fairer society, not where the rich increase their wealth at the expense of the workers.

So, in the Leadership election, we have a clear choice, principles and ambitious policy proposals for a different future with James McCrimmon or acceptance of Neoliberalism. Someone who would take the Tories head on or someone who would cower and accept this country as it is, rather than working to make the United Kingdom the country it could be.

Realise your potential, realise your children’s potential and realise our country’s potential with McCrimmon in Downing Street.”
James Davies MP
Labour MP for Islington North (1987-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Education & Science (1990-91)

Faction: Socialist Campaign Group
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