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Urgent question request: Boyle explosion
Before I move on to my application, Mr Speaker, allow me to express on behalf of all those on this side of the House our deepest sympathies to those afflicted by the Boyle Explosion and the recent spade of terror in Northern Ireland. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this conflict and their families.

I rise to make an application under Standing Order 24 to ask the Home Secretary to come before the House and answer questions on recent events in Northern Ireland, particularly the explosion at Boyle. The news of these events is extremely troubling and we owe it to the brave men and women in the police service and, indeed, to the innocent civilian bystanders who are and will be the victims of this unfolding escalation of tensions in Northern Ireland to examine recent events and scrutinise the government's strategy towards ending this spiral of violence and defeating terrorism.
the Rt Hon. Ruan Preston MP
Labour MP for Midlothian (1983-present)
Shadow Home Secretary (1990-present)
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"The true purpose of democratic socialism and, therefore, the true aim of the Labour Party, is the creation of a genuinely free society, in which the fundamental objective of government is the protection and extension of individual liberty."
- Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley, Democratic Socialist Aims & Values

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