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PC14: Europe
Our world is suffering fast changes, and moving to a clear globalized world which will positively affect our economy, the renewal of our European project is part of this globalization, that’s why Britain has to take the chance if we want to guarantee the future of our next generations. Meanwhile, Labour wants to keep the country isolated, preventing globalization, this has sense on Labour’s minds, they want to keep us out of the world to control the economy, it’s their main purpose, as one Labour MP said, they want to control the economy, meaning they look for a similar model as the one in the Soviet Union, they want to control our economy and our lives, that’s why they want us isolated and out of Europe.
Red Dawnson keeps on lying to the British public, it is the only explanation available as I do not believe him to be an idiot, if I am mistaken then he is welcome to correct me. The Government support the creation of a European Single Currency it is true, what we do not support is British membership of it being mandatory because we believe it should be a matter for the British people to decide, that is why we have pledged a referendum so the British people can decide if they want to be a part of the single currency. Supporting the single currency in Europe doesn't mean we necessarily want to enforce it here, just as supporting German unification doesn't mean we support joining Germany.
The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer needs to get his story together, either the Government is handing control of monetary policy to Brussels or it is only limited aspect of European Policy. This inability of Labour's leadership to have a coherent thought in a single sentence is just another example of why they can not be trusted in Government. If we look at the current Labour frontbench all I see is the economic disaster that has occurred under every Labour government, and if they are allowed another go it will be another IMF bailout for Britain.
Government negotiation is ensuring that the future Europe won’t be a union of bureaucrats and that will protect and preserve the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, ensuring that the EEC won’t expand its competences beyond the ones assigned by treaties, this is key to maintain our sovereignty and power. Secondly, it preserves British role as a world and European superpower, since to make a decision in the European Council, it won’t be able to push the UK into accepting rules by majority vote, the UK should have to endorse them to pass them, in other words, Britain will have power to block those decisions that will be bad for us. The Government is doing a great job negotiating, keeping us stronger, while Labour wants us isolated and weak.
Whilst Labour jumps from falsehoods to straw man logic, this government is delivering for this country on the question of a single currency. Our negotiations mean that you will make the ultimate decision on it, and not Labour’s politburo. Whether you believe in a single currency or not, you are entitled to your say – and we will not shy away from hearing it. The responsibility of government is to show a willingness to listen to the people’s voice. Whilst we’re guaranteeing this right, all that Labour have done is to prove yet again that they are wholly unfit for high office.

Is it any wonder that Labour don’t want to take up a leading voice in Europe, when their leader can’t even find his voice in Parliament? Whilst they shirk their responsibilities to raise your views in the House, we’ve guaranteed your voice, with our promise of a referenda should we ever seek to join a single European currency. Though they aren’t interested in what you have to say, we are. Under the Conservatives, there will be no involvement in any European single currency, without the expressed support of the British people.
The only people who can really speak for our country are the people of it. Consultative democratic processes work best, and, in our current stitch-up of a two-party system, the chance to really consult the public through a referendum is a rare and fantastic chance. I suspect the reason that Labour are so opposed to Britain leading in Europe - other than due to an attachment to rigid socialist dogma - is because really, in their heart of hearts, they know that they are on the reactionary side of this argument, and that they may well lose a referendum where they campaign against Europe. If Mr McCrimmon's Labour are so against Europe, then they should have no issue backing a referendum and winning the argument. I am unashamedly and unapologetically a democrat, and an internationalist. I am also a progressive, and try to support a politics which looks forward, not backwards. I want Britain to thrive and lead in the world, and my party has a detailed and realistic plan to do so. A referendum, which is rightly proposed here, gives me and my pro-European friends a chance to make that case as a part of a wide-ranging public debate. That is a fantastic opportunity which cannot be passed up upon, and I hope this sets the precedent for a new constitutional convention, of regular votes on the big issues, and really listening to the public.
Labour are desperate to sell the British people an express ticket back to the 1970s. They're desperate to return to the high tax state, the nationalised economy, and the europhobic politics of Peter Shore and Michael Foot. Let us remember what the 1970s were like. Under the last Labour Government the Pound was devalued and Britain had to go cap in hand to the IMF for a bailout loan, under this Government the pound is strong and we are leading in Europe rather than going cap in hand to it. Just as Labour's 1970s economics would lead us back into a Winter of Discontent their 1970s foreign policy would see us out of NATO, out of the EEC, and out of friends in the west. I urge Labour moderates and friends of Europe to unite against this rampant europhobic and isolationist rhetoric coming from an increasingly out of touch and unfavoured leadership desperately clinging onto relevance without sending their leader out of his bunker.
The Tories have decided to give up on the chaos of spying on their own Ministers and attempting to send off bodies to Russia and have gone a little old school - destroying themselves over Europe. We've seen more leaks, more public accusations of someone in Cabinet leaking lies and more discontent from the backbenches. 

We need to be clear that enough is enough. This level of chaos and uncertainty is bad for Britain and bad for our European friends and allies. The Tories want to make it all about Labour, with outright lies about withdrawal from the EEC being imminent or lies that we do not support giving a voice to the British public when we do. They want to obscure over one simple fact - that for all the talk of leading in Europe, this government cannot even lead their own party.
Labour and the Conservatives' policies on Europe cannot be any more different. 

After extensive discussion, the Labour Party agreed to come together to support a policy where we would work collaboratively with the European Union, oppose the single currency and ensure further treaties and the single currency itself is put to the British public in a referendum.

Dylan Macmillan, meanwhile, dodged his cabinet and even his Prime Minister to force his Maastricht Treaty on the British people and to pivot towards a single currency in the process, only giving the British people a voice on a tiny specific point of his proposal. In the process, we've seen leaks, accusations of lies and more backbench revolt. 

Dylan Macmillan's dog's dinner of a deal will only bring  chaos. Any continuation of this chaos and uncertainty would be damaging for Britain and damaging for our European friends, too.
The Shadow Health Secretary is right, Labour and the Conservatives couldn't have more different policies on Europe. Labour are led by a man who wants to leave Europe isolated and defenceless, he wants to see the UK leave NATO and the EEC so he can fulfil some Bennite purity test for Red Dawnson and his leftist mates. A Labour Government would return the UK to the role of the sick man of Europe, their economic policies would send us back to the Winter of Discontent and their foreign policy would see us go cap in hand to the IMF for another Labour-needed bailout. Contrast this with the Conservative Party. Our negotiators went to Rome with six points, those six points have been agreed unanimously by the rest of the EEC showing that finally, 20yrs after we entered under Ted Heath, the United Kingdom is leading in Europe. We have secured a British opt-out from the single currency, we have secured guarantees that the EEC will not expand until it is capable of doing so, and we have strengthened the democratic core of our institutions so that it is elected officials that carry far more of the responsibility and power in Brussels. Labour want to paint all that as a failure, to me it speaks to the never-ending potential of Britain with a Conservative Government at the helm.

Labour desperately need to get their story straight, in one breath they decry the single currency as the greatest threat to our national sovereignty since the Second World War and in the next they say that our opt-out and referendum are "a tiny point". Here's the truth of the matter. Nobody is forcing a single currency, the British Government secured an opt-out and a referendum to ensure that Britain cannot lose our currency unless it is actively endorsed by the majority of the British people. Labour need to stop talking down about Britain, stop leading our electorate up the garden path, and start believing in a Britain that leads in Europe rather than being left out in the cold with the Leader of the Opposition and his red mates.

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