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Full Version: Labour (Deputy) Leader Election Cycle 2001.
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"Who do you think would make the best Deputy Leader and why?"

This press cycle will close when campaigning for the Deputy Leadership ends.

Remember to "bolden" your statement.
"After watching the strongest candidates, I found Mr. Obondi as the perfect candidate to assume a position of leadership within Labour. Barbara Bond represents the party's drive to reassure its commitment towards working for the people of this country, but Omari Obondi stands for the revitalization of a balanced Government with clear positions on the improvement of our children's education, ending child poverty, strengthening our cherished and needed public services, and the integral opening of the United Kingdom to Europe. As a man who has worked his way up - and with a proven conscious approach to governing - Mr. Obondi will surely add great value to this Labour Government."
I'd like to reiterate my thanks to all my supporters and all those that voted for me to be the next Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. My opponent, ever the gentleman, has extended his congratulations to me personally, and I'd like to thank him once again for a clean, well-fought contest. I've always maintained that whatever the result our party stands united on the key issues of inequality, poverty, and the needs of working people in modern Britain, and my victory reaffirms our commitment to tackling these key issues and ensuring that our government works in favour of all working people.
Press Cycle closed.